Zidane was right, Mourinho was wrong, Tottenham failed to recruit Bale


Zidane was right, Mourinho was wrong, Tottenham failed to recruit Bale.


Media reports have continued that Zinedine Zidane’s release of Gareth Bale was a “right decision.”

Zidane was right when the injury of Bale, who voluntarily asked for replacement after the first half of the last Europa League game, was known to be serious, while manager Jose Mourinho, who brought Bale, was wrong.

In particular, Cricket Soccer said Bale showed sub-expected performance in the Premier League, the Carabao Cup and the Europa League, and it was unclear when he would return from injury in the Europa League.

Mourinho recently said it would take weeks for Bale to return.

“More uncertainty lies in the future of Real Madrid,” the media said. “His value has been much lower during Tottenham’s lease.” In other words, the transfer fee for Bale’s transfer is gradually falling.

Bale suffered major and minor injuries throughout Real Madrid.

In response, Zidane classified him as out of his league and eventually succeeded in handing him over to Tottenham on loan.

Tottenham knew Bale’s history of injury but recruited him.

Bale came to Tottenham with his injury not fully recovered.

He recovered from his injury and was put into the game, but his recovery was slow 토토사이트

In particular, Bale has not been as active in the game as in the past. It was because of concerns about injuries.

He had become a ‘glass body’ that would get injured if he played boldly.

On the 24th, he scored the first goal of the quarterfinals of the League Cup against Stoke City, but he was injured again and insisted on replacing it after the first half.

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