Is this the first case of an extension of the Kepler project group


Is this the first case of an extension of the Kepler project group extension


Group Kepler Moves to Extension Project Group’s First Contract.

According to a SPOTV News report on the 22nd, Wake One recently met with major management of Kepler members’ agencies and held a meeting to discuss extending project activities.

An agency official said, “We met with all Keppler members and shared opinions on future activities,” adding, “As most agencies agree with the purpose of the extension, further discussions are expected for the rest of the year.”

In response, Wake One told Sport TV News, “As the Kepler project has passed in the middle, it is right to have a preemptive meeting to establish a roadmap and strategy for long-term activities of artists and make the same proposal to all agencies,” adding, “However, we did our best to reach an agreement with all agencies, but this time it was not coordinated.” There is still a period of activity left, so we will continue to discuss with each other,” he said.

As the meeting between the agencies confirmed a positive signal about extending the contract, if Kepler confirms it in the future, it is expected to be the first case of renewing all members as a project group formed through an audition program.

Kepler is a girl group selected as a debut group through Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999: Girl’s Daejeon,” an audition program that features girls from Korea, Japan and China challenging to become a K-pop girl group. He made his official debut on January 3, 2022, and is actively working in and out of Korea and Japan, and will release his fifth mini-album, Magic Hour, on the 25th and continue his activities.

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