MLB pitcher Yavro, who was hit in the face by a 171km/h bullet


MLB pitcher Yavro, who was hit in the face by a 171km/h bullet


Ryan Yavro (31), a pitcher for the Kansas City Royals in the U.S. Major League Baseball, collapsed after being hit in the face by a bullet-like straight ball, causing great concern.

In a game against the Oakland Athletics at Kaufman Stadium in Kansas City, Missouri, on the 8th (Korea Standard Time), Yavro was hit by a ball hit by Ryan Noda in the top of the sixth inning and fell down.

With Kansas City leading 2-1, Yavro, who faced Noda, threw a 141.5-kilometer sinker in the middle of the sixth pitch in a ball count three-ball-2 strike.

However, Noda’s lightning strike flew straight at 171km per hour and directly hit Yavro’s face.

The batting speed was so fast that Yavro had no time to avoid it

The ball that hit Yavro directly in the face bounced to the foul line, and catcher Salvador Perez caught it and put the batter out of first base.

It was such a dangerous moment that both teams’ dugouts and stands screamed at the same time when Yavro was hit.

Yavro, who had been lying down for a while, slowly came down the mound with the help of the medical staff who ran out.

Yavro, whose left face quickly swelled, immediately moved to a nearby hospital for a thorough examination 슬롯사이트

“It was such a frightening moment,” said Perez, “that I hope nothing happens to Yavro.”

Kansas City won the game 5-1.

Yavro, who struck out two in five innings and allowed three hits and one run, won his first win of the season (four losses)

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