Poor Barcelona Small club Spain also gave up


Poor Barcelona Small club Spain also gave up


FC Barcelona is over.

Spanish media stood up all at once. He poured out harsh criticism on Barcelona, which suffered a crushing defeat at the feast of stars. In fact, he is giving up.

Barcelona lost 0-3 to Germany’s strongest Bayern Munich in the first group match of the Champions League on the 15th. Barcelona’s revenge, which suffered 2-8 disgrace in the quarterfinals of the Champions League in the 2019-2020 season, was canceled. The score gap was less than two years ago in this showdown, but he was humiliated again anyway.

It was expected to leak some power due to the departure of ace Lionel Messi, but it is evaluated that he is no longer competitive on the European stage.

Sport made headlines as “a sad reality,” adding, “Barcelona played a small club-like game. All the shortcomings were revealed by facing the strong team Munich. Their appearance proved that they are still far from the best team in the Champions League. “I lost every game in a style like a small club,” he said.

“This season, Barcelona is full of uncertainty. The new blueprint is unclear. You have to look at only one league. Now Messi has left. You may have to catch a life tube at the worst moment. “No one can make a miracle,” he gave up.

Marca went one more step, saying, “I feel sorry for Barcelona. I was overwhelmed by Munich. “I headed to the emergency room,” he sarcastically said 안전공원

As also said, “Munchen knocked down Barcelona again. Barcelona did not shoot. “Both Gerard Pique and Ronald Kuman should accept reality,” he said.

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