Kim Gyu-ri, 42, thank you for your cute pigtails 2020

Kim Gyu-ri

Kim Gyu-ri, 42, thank you for your cute pigtails. 2020

Kim Gyu-ri

Actress Kim Gyu-ri showed off her cute visuals.

On the 31st, Kim Gyu-ri posted on her Instagram, “Today is the last day of 2020~ Bad things and Corona 19!!!” Put it in a box called 2020 and put it somewhere today. Tomorrow! Let’s move on to 2021. Thank you. Let’s not see each other again in 2020. Corona 19~#2020The last day of the year #122/30#Everything I do today is the last #Everything I do tomorrow is the first #It’s just today and tomorrow, but #I feel strange.

In the released photo, Kim Gyu-ri is taking a finger heart selfie during her radio schedule. Even at the age of 42, the cuteness of Kim Gyu-ri, who can pull off pigtails, is impressive.

Meanwhile, Kim Gyu-ri is a host of TBS radio ‘Kim Gyu-ri’s Splash’.

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