Jung Soo-jung and Jessica are on their way

Jung Soo-jung

Jung Soo-jung and Jessica are on their way

Jung Soo-jung

Jung Soo-jung revealed her friendship with her older sister Jessica.

Jung Soo-jung, who appeared in the movie “Spider’s House” (director Kim Ji-woon), told several stories related to the work in an interview held somewhere in Jongno-gu, Seoul on September 22.

The movie “Spider’s House,” which will be released on the 27th, depicts what happens when “Director Kim” (Song Kang-ho), who believes that it will become a masterpiece if the ending of the movie “Spider’s House” is censored and does not understand the changes, pushes ahead with filming under the unfavorable conditions on the verge of madness.

Jung Soo-jung played Han Yu-rim, a rising new actor and the leading actor in the movie “Spider’s House.”

Her older sister Jessica attended the VIP premiere of “Spider’s House” on the 20th and cheered for her. When asked if they were particularly encouraging each other, Jung Soo-jung answered “No” with a single knife, drawing laughter.

“We watch from behind. There are many times when they don’t know what each other is doing, he said. “But I know that ‘Spider House’ is a work I really wanted to do, and I really wanted to show it because she cheered me a lot when I came on 대전호빠

Jung Soo-jung said, “My sister entered the country from the United States on the day of the premiere. I’ll pretend I entered the country to shine,” he said. “Since a few days ago, I’ve been saying, ‘Are you coming?’ I did, but I was so grateful. He said he enjoyed the movie, too. He kept copying my lines,” he said.

“The two of us have our own paths, and we don’t discuss each other’s paths. So I think we’re on good terms,” he added.

On the other hand, when asked if there was any possibility of working as a singer, Jung Soo-jung said, “I wanted to do it, but the timing was not right,” and added, “Dance and singing are my advantages.”

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