Oh Yoon-hee from penthouse Suspicions are growing that


Oh Yoon-hee from penthouse.


Suspicions are growing that Oh Yoon-hee (Yujin) is a man.

In the SBS Monday-Tuesday drama “Penthouse,” which aired on the 29th, there was a twist that Shim Soo-ryeon (Lee Ji-ah) already knew that Oh Yoon-hee was the real culprit behind the murder of Min Seol-ah (Cho Soo-min). In the process, there are suspicions that Oh Yoon-hee is a man.

In the broadcast on this day, Shim Soo-ryeon pressured Oh Yoon-hee as a result of comparing the unidentified DNA left on Min Seol-ah’s fingernails with the DNA taken from Oh Yoon-hee’s hair. “Don’t write a novel,” Oh said. “I can manipulate these kinds of things as much as I want.”

Most of all, the chromosome on the DNA test sheet was marked “XY.” Women are XX chromosomes, and the word XY is “because Oh Yoon-hee is a man.”

Kim Soon-ok, author of “Penthouse,” has enjoyed writing the story of the protagonist changing his appearance, such as plastic surgery and diet, in addition to making a dot in “Temptation of Wife.” Therefore, there is speculation that Oh Yoon-hee may have changed her gender this time.

Many people are paying attention to Oh Yoon-hee, who is standing here like the male protagonists in “Penthouse.” Some say that it is an indication of Oh Yoon-hee’s gender. On the other hand, some say that he is a transgender who underwent sex change surgery.

The ratings of “Penthouse” are continuing to skyrocket due to the unpredictable development of “Pent House.” The 19th episode of “Penthouse,” which aired on this day, set a record of 24.7 percent (second part) in the Seoul metropolitan area, 23.5 percent (second part), and 25.3 percent (second part) in the instant, the highest rating of 19 consecutive Mondays and Tues. The 2049 viewer rating, a major indicator of advertising officials, also recorded its highest rating of 10.8 percent (part 2).

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