I read Shin Dong-yup but I couldn’t read Lee Kyung-gyu

Shin Dong-yup

I read Shin Dong-yup but I couldn’t read Lee Kyung-gyu

Shin Dong-yup

Lee Kyung-kyu, an “entertainment godfather,” and Shin Dong-yeop, the “God of Talk,” received mixed report cards.

Lee Kyung-kyu, who ambitiously launched the YouTube content ‘Luke’ in July, is maintaining the channel amid criticism from Internet users.

Under the heavy name of “Got Kyung-gyu, the entertainment godfather,” Lee Yoon-seok and Yoon Hyung-bin operate an authentic talk show channel that works with Yeon-ae, who are usually known as the “Lee Kyung-gyu Division.” The guests are gorgeous, too. The most popular guests in the entertainment industry recently visited the channel, including Yoon Hyung-bin, Lee Seung-gi, Kim Tae-won, Young-tak, Lalal, daughters Lee Ye-rim and Park Myung-soo.

However, it is said to be stale, showing a clear talk method and expected tiki-taka. From the second video, it has been steadily declining and has an average of 240,000 views. The channel has about 80,000 subscribers. It is a rather modest figure compared to the name ‘God Kyung-gyu’.

Shin Dong-yeop, who opened a YouTube channel around the same time, put forward the concept of a drinking room called “Sad Brother Shin Dong-yeop.”

“Salty Brother” is Shin Dong-yeop’s full-fledged drunken talk show that cheers every night and invites stars to drink in a comfortable atmosphere.

In the broadcast, Lee Hyo-ri, Lee Kyung-young, and Kim Min-jong appeared to express their honest feelings. Shin Dong-yup chatted with guests through a host composed of themes that fit the trend. Actor Lee Kyung-young’s episode drew attention by introducing the famous scenes of the movie “Insiders” and mentioning the level that he could not show in existing entertainment shows.

Content starring singer Lee Hyo-ri also garnered 7.23 million views, receiving praise for “all scenes being highlights.” It led to comments that it was new and funny even though there was another guest who had already been consumed in entertainment programs. “Sad Brother Shin Dong-yeop” surpassed 400,000 subscribers within two weeks of opening the channel.

It started with the commonality of “talk” and the YouTube challenge of a broadcaster from the grand prize, but the two’s YouTube channel report cards are distinctly different

Recently, the channel that attracts the most attention among Internet users is “Pingye High School” hosted by Yoo Jae-seok. The web entertainment ‘Pingyego’ literally stands for ‘OOO is an excuse.’

Yoo Jae-seok’s close brother, Ji Seok-jin, laughed at the chatter of best friends such as “Walking is an excuse,” eating samgyetang with his fellow Song Eun-yi, and “New Year’s Day is an excuse,” which Lee Dong-wook, who was brought to the country as soon as he finished filming overseas, laughed with real grumbling about the time difference, and exceeded 6 million views on average.

“Pingyego,” which features celebrities in all fields, including BTS, SHINee Key, Cho In-sung, Seventeen, and writers Kim Eun-hee, shows the power of boring but honest stories that are revealed in ordinary everyday spaces. It has now exceeded 1.25 million subscribers by borrowing the success method of existing YouTube entertainment.

Kang Ho-dong has also been hosting a web entertainment show called “Gangho Neighborhood Room” since the end of last year. “Gangho Neighborhood Bangne” is a reality web entertainment that goes on a trip in search of hidden hot places across the country and introduces destinations full of information.

It is said that Kang Ho-dong’s unique friendliness continues natural communication with local residents and contains fresh chemistry. As a result, it continues to be hot, surpassing an average of 500,000 views.

The YouTube challenge of comedians from Grand Prize, including Lee Kyung-kyu, Shin Dong-yup, Kang Ho-dong, and Yoo Jae-seok, means that an environment has now been created in which you cannot survive without challenging your YouTube channel.

Jung Duk-hyun, a pop culture critic, said, “It is important for celebrities to enter YouTube. “There are certain aspects that can be seen within the established platform, but it has reached its limit, so we are entering YouTube.”

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