Durant will break my record James targets the NBA’s all-time highest


Durant will break my record James targets the NBA’s all-time highest scoring king against Milwaukee on Feb. 10.


LeBron James (LA Lakers) breaks Curim Abdul-Java’s record for the most points in NBA regular season history.

The timing was expected to be around February 10. The game against the Milwaukee Bucks is likely.

James, who is 423 points behind 38,387, will set the NBA milestone in just 15 more games.

James is averaging 29.1 points this season.

But James said the record won’t last long either.

According to New Jersey Dotcom, James said “Kevin Durant is the first player to come to mind” when asked on ESPN’s “NBA Today” which player can challenge the record.

James added, “He has an excellent rate of success in free throws as well as three-point and mid-range shots.”

Durant is currently ranked 14th with 26,684 points.

Durant, 34, must play 82 games every year for more than five seasons to challenge James’ record.

The problem is that Durant is often absent due to injuries.

Durant, who missed the entire 2019-20 season due to a ruptured Achilles tendon, missed 19 games in 2016-17 and 21 games in 2021-22 due to an MCL injury in his left knee.

This season is no different. He suffered a right MCL sprain when he collided with Jimmy Butler against the Miami Heat 토토추천

He is expected to miss about a month due to the injury.

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