The goal of the Sangju eK League representative with a brilliant

The goal of the Sangju eK League representative with a brilliant career is to win by far.

We’re going to win the finals in a squad of Sangju Sangmu players.” Park Jin-sung, Yang Jin-hyeop and Ha Dong-jin, who were selected as representatives of the eK League in Sangju, are determined.

On the 29th of last month, the team “Sangju Sangmu” held a ceremony to join the eK League at the Sangsu Civic Stadium. The “Sangju Sangmu Representative” consists of team leader Ha Dong-jin, office worker Park Jin-sung and Yang Jin-hyeop. In particular, Ha Dong-jin is a content creator with 30,000 followers and is also widely known as BJ. His game skills are also excellent. He once played for South Korea at the “EA FIFA Online 4 Champions Cup (EACC) WINTER 2019,” a FIFA Online 4 Asia global e-sports competition, and reached the quarterfinals.

Yang Jin-hyeop also has a brilliant career. In 2015, he won the individual competition of “Pipa Online 3 Adidas Championship 2015 Season 2” as well as the runner-up finish of the Korean national team in “Pipa Online 3 Asian Cup 2015.” Last year, he also advanced to the final round in the selection of the Korean national team for the 2019 EACC. Yang Jin-hyeop’s score was also selected as the best scene by eSports TV. Other team member Park Jin-sung also has a history of advancing to the finals of the 2019 and 2020 EACC Korean national team trials.

Ha Dong-jin contributed a lot to their unity as “Sangju Sangmu representative.” Ha Dong-jin said, “I haven’t written at the moment. Therefore, the military team, Sangju, was attractive. He also had a lot of contacts with Moon Sun-min when he worked with BJ Gamst. That’s why I’m setting up a team in Sangju with Park Jin-sung and Yang Jin-hyeop.

Their goal is to win the eK League. In the finals, the squad will be formed with resident players to revive their respective talents. Yang Jin-hyeop said, “Moon Sun-min has good skills within FIFA’s online games. In addition, there are many outstanding players among Sangju players. They plan to compete in the finals.

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