Wild lift Asia Competition Opens on the 2nd [e-sports]

Wild lift

Wild lift Asia Competition Opens on the 2nd [e-sports]

Wild lift

The Asian e-sports competition of “League of Legends: Wild Lift” opened on the 2nd.

Riot Games announced that it will hold ‘Wild Circuit Asia Open 2022’ online for one month from the 2nd. The competition is an official e-sports competition organized by Riot Games and was newly established to help professional players maintain their sense of play during the offseason.

The regions participating in the Wild Circuit Asian Open are Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia. Five teams, including Rolster Y, Kwangdong Freaks, Liv Sandbox, Sungchul e-sports, and New King, will participate as Korean representatives. Seven teams, including Vietnamese national team Flash, will participate in Southeast Asia and two teams, including Unsold Stuff Gaming (USG), will participate in Japan.

The tournament will open on the 2nd and run the regular league from Wednesday to Sunday for four weeks. It is a full league method in which 14 teams compete once. Teams in the top four of the final results will qualify for the playoffs and play the semifinals on December 3, and the third and fourth places and the finals on December 4.

The total prize money for the contest is $70,000. The winning team takes $6,600, the runner-up team takes $3,000, the third-place team takes $2,000, and the fourth-place team takes $1000.

The regular league also had prize money. $400 for a 2-0 win, $250 for a 2-1 win, and $150 for a 1-2 loss. A team defeated 0-2 cannot secure a prize. In other words, if they win the regular league 2-0 in total, they will take $5,200.

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