Choi Byung-hoon, the three-time champion of the League

Choi Byung-hoon

Choi Byung-hoon, the three-time champion of the League of Legends, why he chose DRX and Leader

Choi Byung-hoon

Ahead of the LCK franchise, each team has accelerated not only the team but also the internal system maintenance. It is also to help the team achieve the best performance by systematically sharing the work they do inside the team. Naturally, the position of the head of the team who can coordinate both the team and the affairs of the secretariat was noted in the process.

DRX also appointed Choi Byung-hoon, a former manager of SK Telecom’s T1, ahead of the introduction of the LCK franchise. Choi Byung-hoon, head of the team, has been a coaching staff since he was a special force and set a record of winning the League of Legends three times. Since then, he has long experience in various sports and has been praised as a good leader.

Why did Choi Byung-hoon choose DRX, which is the same as a new team? Before the new season, he met with Choi Byung-hoon, head of the team, and talked about his goals and challenges in the DRX along with his new choices 

How does it feel to be back on the e-sports stage as the head of the DRX?

It’s a new challenge for me, and it’s a place where I feel a lot of pressure for a challenge. I’m determined to work harder and do better than before.

Director Choi Byung-hoon has been a coach and director. After the League of Legends, you’ve been the manager of the PUBG and Dota 2. But now that I’m in charge of a different job than the previous one, I wonder if there’s a reason why I’m in charge of the general manager’s job instead of the coaching staff 먹튀검증

I thought about it a lot during the break. What can I do better, what can I do to help the team and the game team? In the game team, I thought that the manager’s job would be more helpful than the director, and while talking with the CEO of DRX, the team decided that what I wanted was to be the leader rather than the director. The conclusion was that I had a lot to tell and help the game team.

You said you found a job that you could do better, but what made you decide that you could do better than a director?

It’s a different time from when I first was a director. The coaches, coaches, and analysts think it’s appropriate to focus more on the game and to deliver the experience to the players. But I think I gained more experience in other areas. I’ve been taking care of the entire team and experiencing things related to the secretariat for a long time, so I’m more used to this side. I thought there would be a lot of things that I could do to make use of my experience at the DRX, and it would be helpful.

You said you gained a lot of experience in different areas than the previous coaching staff, but did you manage the outside of the team with your previous coaching duties during the SK Telecom T1 (now T1).

I had more opportunities to see how it went, rather than to take on the job. There were things that I had to do in the field of work. I think it was possible because the game team has a cogwheel structure. There were a lot of things that I had to decide after hearing the positions of both the Secretariat and the team, and as the period was long, I gained a lot of experience.

The leader said that the level-up experience he built would be a great help to the DRX, but what did you think of the DRX before you took the job?

I didn’t know much about the inside of the game team, but from the outside, DRX changed a lot as it was rebranded to DRX through Longju and King Zone. In fact, a lot of work is on the way to a new place. It’s a long history, but it’s like a new team. I’m not saying I’m an amateur. Now, the game team called DRX is entering its second year, and I thought it was a game club that had a lot of things to help me with my experience in an atmosphere close to the new team.

Before joining DRX as the leader, quite a few teams needed your experience. Why did you choose DRX? You can simply decide on your annual salary, but I’m looking forward to seeing you choose DRX in other areas besides money. I agree that the DRX is no different from the New Game Team, and I expect it to be chosen for its developmental potential.

First of all, DRX needed me the most, and they showed me that, so I started playing a new role as the leader in the new game team. It’s not about the money. There are probably coaching staff who get more money than I do in LCK. I talked a lot with CEO Choi Sang-in and the DRX members, and with a firm vision of the team, I was sure that I wanted to do something with DRX. We decided to provide the environment accordingly. So I chose a game team called DRX and took the helm.

When you explained why you chose DRX, you mentioned that you talked a lot with the best representative, what did you talk about when you chose DRX? I also had an interview with CEO Choi Sang-in, and I felt a lot of fun parts, so I was curious about it.

CEO Choi Sang-in said, “I hope all the members, including players, coaching staff, and fans, will make a happy game team.” I agree with that. Although I’ve been on the e-sports stage for a long time, it’s hard to think about because it’s not easy for all the members of the game team to be happy. It’s not just about grades or support from the game team, but I think it’s more related to having pride while thinking that all the members are on their team.

I remember talking about the same in an interview with Choi Sang-in before the LCK franchise. But DRX had a big issue in the latter half of the season. These things happened before you took the helm, and how do you plan to change your leadership position with the perspective you saw outside?

I’ve seen and knew that there were a lot of big events in DRX since the Rolled Cup. It’s a very big event, and I know the fans are disappointed with it. I think this is how the game team grows. The process of becoming more mature in a game called DRX. I think these incidents happened as the game team grew too fast. From now on, I want to make a happy team with pride in the team, including the athletes, the secretariat, and the fans, and especially I want to try harder to solve the disappointment of the fans in the process of this happening.

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