Right rib pain. Wing death pain Irregular syndrome?


Right rib pain. Wing death pain Irregular syndrome?


Q: I’m a woman in my late 30s. I’ve been suffering from back pain for a long time. Since a few days ago, back pain has appeared, and every day is painful.

I also have pain in both wings, but it’s not severe but stiff. Recently, right rib pain has begun to appear. It’s also uncomfortable to breathe.

I was treated by an orthopedic surgeon in a car accident a year ago. I heard that you have some neck disc symptoms, is it related to this? Don’t tell me, there’s no heart or lung problem 비아그라 판매

A: If the cause is clear, such as back pain caused by something hitting you, the pain will naturally go away once the cause is resolved over time.

If you have suffered from back pain for a long time, it seems that you started to get sick one day, not particularly because you got hurt. This unclear cause of pain can be seen in many cases of misalignment syndrome.

Irregular syndrome is usually caused by feet. If you visit the hospital, you will check your left and right foot condition and do an X-ray exam for your spine.

Changes in the thoracic spine can cause pain in the back, wings, and ribs. Symptoms can also occur if you have heart or lung problems, so it is recommended that you visit a nearby hospital for accurate cause identification and proper treatment.

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