CL’s new song SPICY was released today (24th) Powerful and fierce rap


CL’s new song SPICY was released today (24th) Powerful and fierce rap


CL’s new song “SPICY” takes off its veil.

“SPICY” is a song that opens the door to CL’s first solo full-length album “ALPHA” and captures CL’s fierce charisma, as you can feel from the title. Following “Bad Girlfriend” and “Hello Bitches,” it is expected to be a new symbol of the character CL.

“SPICY,” which was released on TikTok for about 30 seconds on August 23, is already being talked about, leaving a strong impression on fans who like CL’s powerful charisma.

The released sound source gives a sense of tension with the sharp, sharp rap of CL called “Where we from Them Korean’s Getting Up Higher” after the chorus of “She got the source and it’s spicy / You looking at the most fly Asians” was repeated.

CL will show powerful and energetic performances as the original girl crush who led the trend of a strong and confident new female musician as soon as they make their debut.

“SPICY” added a unique color with Baauer, a world-renowned producer who collaborated through +POST UP+, which captured the story of CL’s new start last year, and Soko Domo, who made a strong impression through “High School Rapper 3,” participated.

CL also prepared strong stage performances through “SPICY,” and will perform CL’s performance through music programs after a long time.

CL’s new song “SPICY” will be released on music sites around the world at 6 p.m. on the same day, and ‘#SPICYCHALLENGE’ will be started through “TikTok.”

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