Will plastic surgery medical insurance be applied due


Will plastic surgery medical insurance be applied due to the odor of inflammation?


There are few cases of noise net molding out of concern for inflammation. In addition, it is not possible to conclude that vaginitis has occurred because of the prolonged noise sequence.

If the noise is itchy or painful, visit the gynecologist for proper treatment.

If vaginal secretions smell bad, yellow secretions are over-secuted, or foamy with gray secretions, they need to be treated accordingly.

Also, if there is no odor or itching in the white matter between the wrinkles, it is likely to be a simple residue that is normally secreted. At this time, wash the secretions between the wrinkles well 정품비아그라

Medical insurance covers surgical resection performed to correct tissue rupture, suture, and treat tissue necrosis due to severe abscesses, humps, or infections.

Plastic surgery in the order of edema or sagging noise due to simple infection is not covered by medical insurance.

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