Testicular perineal itching, groin eczema mid 20s


Testicular perineal itching, groin eczema


Q: He’s a man in his mid-20s. Sexual intercourse takes place about three times a week. My girlfriend likes to touch my stuff with her mouth.

I’m worried about testicles, perineals, and groin itching that have appeared months ago. I thought it would get better on its own, so I just left it unattended, but as the days go by, my skin’s condition gets worse.

It used to be itchy only before sitting or sleeping for a long time, but now it’s very itchy even when standing. It even stings because I scratched it too much and got hurt.

Take a hot shower every day, wash up, and don’t dry your body completely. Only wear trunks for underwear. Currently, a lot of keratin in the perineum is observed, do you have to go to the urology department for treatment? Can’t you solve it with the medicine you put on?

A: It appears that a secondary wound was caused by severe scratching due to testicles and perineal itching caused by groin eczema. This area often develops eczema and is prone to mold infection.

If you are uncomfortable visiting the urology clinic, dry your body well after taking a shower and apply moisturizer every day. Nevertheless, if your symptoms do not improve, please visit a nearby hospital for treatment.

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