Lumbar spine 1, chest spine 12, traumatic compression fracture


Lumbar spine 1, chest spine 12, traumatic compression fracture conservation therapy.


Q: I’m a man in my early 30s. I fractured my lumbar spine 1 in a car accident. Chest No. 12 is said to be just a bone strain.

I didn’t have surgery. I was hospitalized for 12 weeks with a brace on. I didn’t wear a supplement after discharge. I’ve been working at the company since 16 weeks. The hospital said there was nothing wrong. The pressure rate is about 35%.

I’m currently sitting down for the company’s consideration, is there any problem? I also bend over after taking off my aid, is it okay?

I still have pain in my back and ribs. Is it because the bone collapsed?

Did any of the patients with the same symptoms as me have no problems for 4 months and then have surgery because of problems? Then, is there any problem if I don’t get surgery immediately and do it after a while? Can I be diagnosed with an aftereffective disorder?

Will the degree and duration of disability vary depending on the doctor? Can I be diagnosed at a third hospital? If there is no problem, when will it be completely cured? If I have to do surgery, is pin fixation good? Or is cement injection good? What’s the difference?

A: After more than three months, the compression-fractured spine stabilizes. The pressure is no longer in progress. There is no problem with working at the company, but if you overdo it, you can get pain. When you sit down for a long time and work, it’s good to get up once an hour to stretch and do some walking exercises.

You can bend your back now. Lie on your side and stretch a little in various directions to expand your range of exercise. You can bend and straighten within the range of no pain.

There is no high possibility of bone collapsing. This may be associated pain that occurred in the fracture area of the fracture. If you have a compression fracture, you will only get kyphosis. It can be muscle pain accordingly. If you’re worried, try taking an X-ray again.

There are cases of additional surgery after 4 months, but if there is no special trauma, the surgery will not be performed. Surgery doesn’t change anything over time.

You can get a follow-up disorder set by the insurance company. National pension disability diagnosis is also possible.

If it doesn’t depend on your doctor, you will be subjected to the degree of pressure and kyphosis. Sometimes a third hospital issues a medical certificate, but in principle, you get it from a treated hospital.

A complete recovery is about 3-6 months after trauma.

It’s not an acute fracture, so pin fixation will be good. Cement injection is usually performed during acute fractures due to osteoporosis.

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