It smells like cold in the early stages of pregnancy


It smells like cold in the early stages of pregnancy It smells like poop


Q: I’m pregnant in my early 20s. After graduating from high school, I had a baby because I went through a lot of trouble with my boyfriend. It’s been 5 weeks now, and I’m worried about the cold smell in the early stages of pregnancy. It smells like poop and the color is brown. Should I go to the gynecologist?

A: Vaginal secretion color, cold smell, etc. may vary depending on the pregnant woman’s health condition. The cold of a healthy pregnant woman is transparent or white and does not smell.

If you have brown or red cold, it is possible that you have bleeding in the endometrium. (There are several causes of bleeding during pregnancy, such as implantation blood, vaginal wounds, and extrauterine pregnancy.)

If the cold smell is severe, symptoms of vaginitis may be suspected. During pregnancy, immunity decreases and the inside of the vagina weakens, making it easy to be exposed to vaginitis.

If the symptoms worsen after watching the progress a little longer, please visit the obstetrics and gynecology clinic for treatment.(There is a risk that vaginitis will become chronic if you use vaginitis cleanser or female cleanser.)

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