Precautions for teeth extraction such as wisdom


Precautions for teeth extraction such as wisdom teeth Why you shouldn’t eat hot food (such as porridge)


Q: I’m a woman in my mid-20s. Sooner or later, I’ll visit the dentist and get rid of a rotten tooth.

I shouldn’t eat hot food like porridge after I get my wisdom teeth removed, right? It seems that folk remedies usually recommend hot food, saying that the area should be messy after removal, but is this is wrong?

A: Precautions after removal are as follows:

• Bite the gauze on the foot for 1~2 hours after removing teeth.

• Avoid alcohol and smoking for at least a week.

• Avoid spicy and salty stimulating foods and hot foods.

• No exercise and no sauna. This is because blood circulation is good and blood does not stop.

• Steam the ice pack for two days. It helps relieve swelling and pain.

• Eat cold food (such as ice cream) or soft food. In case of hot porridge, cool it down and eat it.

This is because hot or stimulating food stimulates the foot region.

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