Are menstrual cups safer than tampons? Each person


Are menstrual cups safer than tampons?


Each person has a different structure inside the vagina Some of you feel comfortable when you use it because you go inside a shaped building, and some of you feel uncomfortable because of some physical problems

After using the menstrual cup, my menstrual pain is severe. First, I think there are people who used low quality, structural problems, or bad products I’ve been using non-basilico products and it’s not cold, but for those who use medical silicon, there are people who say their menstrual pain has gotten better, and there are many people who don’t have any problems over the years 비아그라 구매

If you want to try it, try using a good product made of medical silicon and see if it’s right after using it for a few months later I’m not saying that it’s bad to use menstrual cups because it’s different from person to person. If you have a bad product or if the inside of the vagina is small, sanitary pads are good

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