Here we go love Lee Min-ho Caught Yeon-woo’s Movie Date


Here we go love Lee Min-ho Caught Yeon-woo’s Movie Date


August 1st. Yeonwoo’s birthday. The first person to celebrate his 25th birthday is Lee Minho. The two met at midnight together on August 1.

Yeon-woo is from MOMOLAND. He turned into an actor last year and is currently an actor. Lee Min-ho is a well-known Hallyu star. That’s Lee Min-ho, as we know.

Hallyu star Lee Min-ho, 34, fell in love. His lover is Yeon-woo, 25, an actress from a girl group. The two have been in a pink mood for five months.

“Lee Min-ho has always been honest with love,” said an aide to Lee Min-ho. “He enjoys dating outside without looking around.” “I’m not the type to hide things.

In fact, Lee Min-ho’s date was imposing. He drove himself, picked up Yeon-woo. The two headed to COEX Megabox. I watched a late-night movie and went for a drive.

Lee Min-ho also took care of his lover’s birthday first. Inviting Yeon-woo to his house on the night of July 31. The two waited for midnight on August 1 and celebrated their birth day.

It was a situation where social distancing continued. Dating was usually done at home. Their house is a five-minute walk away. Yeonwoo found Lee Min-ho’s house on foot.

Lee Min-ho and Yeon-woo have similar interests. Both people like to play games. A message that “stay at home” won’t be boring. He hinted that he sometimes stays up all night playing games 여성전용마사지

Lee Min-ho and Yeon-woo enjoy playing games, a source close to the two told Dispatch. I like movies, too. Similar hobbies have brought each other closer.

Meanwhile, Lee Min-ho recently finished filming the Apple TV drama “Pachinko.” Yoon Yeo-jung, Jung Eun-chae and Yeon-woo will appear in KBS’ Wednesday-Thursday drama “Daliwa Gamjatang” on the 22nd of next month.

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