Drinking after neurological treatment (broken front teeth)


Drinking after neurological treatment (broken front teeth)


Q: I’m a woman in my mid-20s. Four years ago, one of my front teeth fell off the street, and another broke badly.

I visited the dentist three days ago. I had a nerve treatment for my broken front tooth to cover my teeth. Pus kept coming out because of inflammation. The pain got better after a day.

The doctor told me. I’m done with the nerve treatment and I’m going to put my teeth on you next week, so come to the hospital then Can the treatment be finished in a day?

I have to drink because of my job, so can I drink after neurological treatment?

A: Neurological therapy can be performed multiple times or ended at once, depending on the patient’s condition.

In case of pus and pain, it’s usually hard to finish at once because you have to sterilize your muscles perfectly, but since your doctor said you’re done, it’s right to put your teeth on.

As the front tooth is broken, the crown that fits the patient’s tooth shape is likely to be prosthetic 정품비아그라

Drinking after neurological treatment is not very good. Care should be taken as recovery may be delayed and conditions may deteriorate. I recommend drinking after all treatment is completed.

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