There are many ways to help with insomnia


There are many ways to help with insomnia.


Keep your sleeping time regularly.

Making the time you go to bed and wake up from bed almost the same will help you get better sleep. Choose a time when you feel tired and sleepy.

Make your bed environment comfortable.

Bedrooms should be a comfortable place for relaxation and sleep. Adjust the temperature, lighting, and noise to help the bedroom environment fall asleep. If you sleep with your pet in the bedroom, if your pet often makes a fuss at night, consider moving your pet somewhere else 비아그라효능

Make sure the bed is comfortable.​​

It is difficult to go to a comfortable bed on a mattress that is too soft or too hard. Likewise, it is difficult to go to a comfortable bed even when it is too small or too old. Change the bed to a suitable one.

Regular exercise is necessary.

Regular exercise of moderate intensity, such as swimming or walking, will help you relax all day long. However, avoid strenuous exercise such as running or exercising on the playground when you are close to sleep. Such exercises can interfere with sleep.

Reduce caffeine.

Reduce your caffeine intake. Especially in the evening. Caffeine is often found in tea, coffee, energy drinks, or cola. Caffeine prevents you from falling asleep and deep asleep. Instead, drink a warm milk drink or herbal tea.

Don’t go too far.

Overeating and drinking too much, especially late at night, can interfere with dragonfly patterns. Alcohol can help you sleep at first, but later it will interfere with your comfortable sleep.

Don’t smoke.

Nicotine is an stimulant. Smokers spend longer time falling asleep, wake up more often, and experience sleep disorders more often.

Relax before you go to bed.

Take a warm bath, listen to music for quiet, or relax your mind and body with soft yoga. A doctor may recommend a CD to help you relax.

Get rid of your worries.

If you tend to lie in bed and think about what you have to do tomorrow, make sure you have a separate time to take care of your work the next day before going to bed. The goal of this job is to sleep without doing these things in bed.

Wake up if you can’t sleep.

If you can’t sleep, don’t lie there worrying about not being able to sleep. Wake up and do something to rest until you feel like you want to sleep again. Then go back to bed.

If lack of sleep persists and disrupt your daily life, see your family doctor. You may want to learn about Sleepio, a digital program created to help you overcome sleep disorders.

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