Possibility of pregnancy in relationship after wearing condom


Possibility of pregnancy in relationship after wearing condom upside down (4 days prior to ovulation date)


Q: I’m a woman in her late 20s. I had oral sex with my sex partner four days before ovulation day. I used my mouth and chest to assess it once, took a break, and had sex. During the relationship, I found out that my partner had worn the condom upside down, so I took it off and flipped it over for a while and put it in properly. (I wiped the ears once with my hand and resumed the relationship.)

What is the probability of pregnancy in this case? I’m so worried.

A: The condoms may have Cooper’s fluid or a small amount of semen on them, but the chances of getting pregnant are slim because they were hand-washed and worn again.(Of course, you can’t deny it 100%.)

If you are really worried, please check after purchasing the pregnancy test machine at a pharmacy or convenience store. The time to use the implant is two weeks after the last relationship date. You can pee for the first time in the morning to see if you’re pregnant

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