Park Ji-soo, who failed to make his debut, and Alves, who moved with

Park Ji-soo

Park Ji-soo, who failed to make his debut, and Alves, who moved with him, played full-time…

Park Ji-soo

Park Ji-soo (29)’s debut on the European stage has been postponed to the next time. He was on the list for the first time since entering Portugal, but failed to play.

Portimonens won 1-0 at home in the 19th round of the “2022-2023 season Portugal Freemeira Liga” against Pasud de Peheira at Istadio Munisifal de Protimang in Protimang, Portugal, on the 6th.

With 7 wins, 2 draws, and 10 losses (23 points), Portimonens ranked 11th in the league. Feheira finished last with two wins, three draws and 15 losses (9 points).

Park Ji-soo succeeded in advancing to Europe by moving to Portimonence on the 26th of last month. In the match against Boyvista, which was his first game since his transfer, he was not on the roster, but he was on the substitute list for the first time on the day. However, his debut match was postponed to the next time as he failed to play.

Portimonens, which uses a 3-5-2 formation, consisted of Brazilian center-back duo Lucas Alves and Pedro Enrique and Portugal’s young defender Philippe Rivas. Among them, Alves, who was recruited along with Park Ji-soo, made his debut.

While the existing Alves and Rivas have been the main players since the beginning of the season, transfer student Alves also played full-time as soon as he moved. Park Ji-soo seems to have to compete fiercely with them for the starting lineup.

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