Actor Lee Je-hoon in “Model Taxi 2” has a sweet smile for the new…

Actor Lee Je-hoon

Actor Lee Je-hoon in “Model Taxi 2” has a sweet smile for the new youngest Shin Jae-ha.

Shin Jae-ha, the “youngest driver” who newly joined “Model Taxi 2,” is expected to give off chemistry between the drama and the drama seniors and juniors with “CEO Lee Je-hoon.”

Actor Lee Je-hoon

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Model Taxi 2” (written by Oh Sang-ho, directed by Ethan) is a private revenge act that completes revenge on behalf of the innocent victims of Rainbow Luck and taxi driver Kim Do-ki (actor Lee Je-hoon).

Based on the unprecedented concept of a taxi driver hunting villains, the “model taxi” series, based on the webtoon of the same name, ranked fourth in SBS’s Friday-Saturday drama ratings, ranging from dynamic fun to thrilling catharsis of good and evil.

Among them, New Face On Ha-joon (Shin Jae-ha) who newly appeared in the taxi company along with Kim Do-ki (Lee Je-hoon), the representative driver of “Rainbow Luck,” is seen, drawing attention.

On Ha-joon is a new driver who got a new job at “Rainbow Luck” and has a large dog-like charm that makes up for stupid mistakes with a smart and bright personality. The extreme chemistry created by Kim Do-ki, a representative driver who is a model in every way, and On Ha-joon, the youngest driver of thinking who makes and follows him as a wannabe, will be the new highlight of “Model Taxi 2.”

In this regard, the still released shows Kim Do-ki, who shows off the charm of a warm senior, and On Ha-joon, who is eager to win his favor, drawing attention. In particular, Kim Do-ki’s gaze at On Ha-joon with a smile warms the hearts of the viewers.

On the other hand, Kim Do-ki, who is in the world, is also embarrassed by On Ha-joon’s sudden advance(?) Despite Kim Do-ki’s unexpected reaction to On Ha-joon’s unexpected behavior, he is giving a smile of envy without a break. Expectations are high for Kim Do-ki and On Ha-joon, who have a common denominator of taxi drivers, but will show fresh attractions with their characteristics and relationships, and “Model Taxi 2,” which will add fresh fun with the addition of new characters.

Meanwhile, “Model Taxi 2” will premiere at 10 p.m. on February 17.

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