Ghana striker Christian Atsu rescue is misinformed? “Buried on the 9th

Christian Atsu

Ghana striker Christian Atsu rescue is misinformed? “Buried on the 9th floor of the Turkiye earthquake collapse building.”

 Christian Atsu

Ghana striker Christian Atsu, 31, is still trapped in the rubble of a building that collapsed in an earthquake in Turkiye, reports said.

Citing Ghanaian sports journalist Sadiq Adams, CNN Indonesia reported on the 7th that Turkiyen club Hattaispor striker Arts was trapped on the ninth floor of a building collapsed in a Turkish earthquake.

Around the morning of the 6th, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck southeastern Turkey and northern Syria. Aftershocks followed several times. Hatai, the home of the Turkish Super League’s Hatayspor, which includes Atsu, was greatly damaged by the earthquake.

Christian Atsu is said to have been with fellow players and club staff at the time of the earthquake.

Mr Adams tweeted: “I heard Christian Arts was on the ninth floor of the collapsed building with nine other players and two officials. Three athletes and one official were rescued. My brother will come back safely. God bless you,” he wrote. He added that he is constantly communicating with the Hataispor club and has asked the club to make an official statement if Arts is found to reduce confusion.

There are conflicting reports about Christian Arts.

Turkiyen media ‘Star’ said on the same day, “Arts, which was under the rubble of a building collapsed in a major earthquake in Turkiye, was rescued and taken to a hospital. “I suffered a right foot injury and difficulty breathing, but I am focusing on recovery while receiving treatment,” he reported.

However, Mustafa Ozat, vice president of Hataispor, denied the report, saying that Atsuwa Tanner Sabut, the team’s sports director, was still in the rubble of the building.

“Unfortunately, Christian Arts and Tanner Sabutt, the sports director, are still in the rubble,” he told CNN Indonesia. We all have tremendous fear. Everyone is trying to find the missing people.

The U.S. “Spotting News” also said there was no reason to say that Arts was rescued.

The British Independent reported that Atsu is believed to be trapped with Tanner Sabut, and that rescue efforts are underway for the two.

Atsu, a former Ghanaian striker, made his professional debut at Portugal’s prestigious FC Porto in 2011 and moved to Chelsea (England) in 2013. Since then, he has been on loan at Everton (England) and Malaga (Spain) and played for Newcastle from 2016 to 2021. After going through Saudi Arabia’s Alaed in 2021, he built a nest in Hatayspor last year.

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