31 home runs big guns trade less than a year Boston failed

31 home

31 home runs big guns trade less than a year Boston failed

31 home

The Boston Red Sox will release outfielder Jackie Bradley Jr. (32) less than a year after re-recruitment of the 2018 World Series winner.

Boston Globe reported on the 5th (Korea Standard Time) that Boston will deal with Bradley Jr. as a transfer designation (DFA). If there are no claims from other teams, they will be released.

Bradley Jr., a right-handed hitter, has a special relationship with Boston. He made his big league debut in 2013 after being nominated by Boston as the 40th overall in the first round in the 2011 draft, and has become a starting pitcher since 2014.

He was selected as the first All-Star in 2016 with 26 home runs. In 2018, he won the Gold Glove as the main center fielder, contributing to Boston’s World Series victory. He also became the ALCS MVP with a decisive blow in the match.

Bradley Jr., who played for Boston until 2020, qualified for the FA and signed a two-year, $24 million contract with the Milwaukee Brewers. Last year, however, he had the worst slump since his debut, batting .163 with six home runs, 29 RBIs, 28 walks, 132 strikeouts, and OPS.497 in 134 games

However, in December last year, after the season, Boston sent Hunter Renfro, the main right fielder, and carried out a trade with Bradley Jr. to receive two minor league players. He also secured two promising players by re-recruiting Bradley Jr., but he was reluctant to give up his power as soon as he hit 31 home runs.

Bradley Jr., who returned to Boston with concern, was no longer the player in his prime. The defense is strong, but the blow has collapsed. He batted .213 with 29 RBIs and 17 walks, 58 strikeouts and OPS.578. Boston, which is in the last place in the American League East and seventh place in the wild card, recruited Cincinnati Reds outfielder Tommy Pam on the trade deadline.

Bradley Jr., whose use was limited to Pam Gase, was eventually classified as out of Boston’s power. Minor leaguer infielders Alex Vinellas and David Hamilton, who came over with Bradley Jr. from Milwaukee, have yet to show any noticeable results in the Double-A. On the other hand, Renfro, who left Boston for Milwaukee, is showing off his slugging power with a .246 batting average of 19 home runs and 43 RBIs in 70 games this year 안전공원

Milwaukee is ranked first in the National League’s central district as its slugging power soared from 18th place in the team’s home run last year to fourth place this year. On the other hand, Boston, which dropped from 10th to 18th place in the team’s home run, effectively admitted to the trade failure by releasing Bradley Jr., who was re-employed, in less than a year

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