P1Harmony. “I want to be a team that exclaims ‘Wow’…


P1Harmony. “I want to be a team that exclaims ‘Wow’ with just one gesture.”


“I want to be a great artist who gives dreams to someone.” (Symbol)

The group P1Harmony said in an interview to commemorate the release of its fifth mini-album “Harmony: SET IN” held at its agency FNC Entertainment office on the 30th, “My goal is to be a team that pops out of admiration just by making gestures.”

The album includes six songs, including the title song “Back Down,” an exciting pop dance song “BFF,” a hip-hop song “One And Only” to show my own color, and a medium-pop ballad “Backpack Trip” in which member Ji-eun participated in writing and composing.

Members Intak and Jongseob participated in writing the lyrics for all the tracks.

The title song “Back Down” is a song with a message of unity and advancement to overcome together without backing down anytime, anywhere. Like the album’s name, it melted the team’s will to strive for “Harmony.”

Member Intak said, “I felt that the color we can show has become more intense,” adding, “The mindset for this comeback is also different.” I hope it will serve as an opportunity for us to take a step up,” he said.

Theo also said, “This is the first time that all six members liked the music video,” adding, “I hope this comeback will develop a lot of fandom.” It is a great achievement just to let the public know that there is P1Harmony,” he pointed out.

P1 Harmony has also accelerated its overseas activities by releasing its first U.S. single this year and holding local tour concerts in eight U.S. cities, including New York and Los Angeles. He also appeared for the first time on the famous NBC TV entertainment program “Kelly Clarkson Show” and staged a new song “Back Down.”

Ki-ho said, “Most of the people who couldn’t speak Korean during the tour, but they memorized all our lyrics and sang them,” adding, “I don’t think there is a language barrier to music.” “The energy given by the audience was so impressive and touching,” he said.

Theo also helped, “Even though I am a member who is not good at English, when I hold an overseas fan meeting, fans memorize Korean and prepare what to say.”

Jong-seop said in this enthusiastic response from abroad, “I think the energy we give was great. “I think they liked it because there are many songs with high energy and strong rhythm,” he said.

Those who debuted in October 2020 are already spending their third year. The members now agreed that they should show something “one shot.”

Ji-woong said, “I want to build the color of P1 Harmony by experiencing more diverse and free genres in the future.”

“We want to try more and more popular music,” Theo said. “The singer shines when he is on stage. “My goal is to create a performance that the general public, not fans, wants to come,” he said seriously.

“I think the tour has grown us up. “I was worried that I would lead the 90-minute performance to only six people, but I became more relaxed as I continued the rounds.” (Ji-woong)

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