Lim Young-woong is chosen as the number one star who seems to enjoy

Lim Young-woong

Lim Young-woong is chosen as the number one star who seems to enjoy summer vacation more than anyone else.

Lim Young-woong

Singer Lim Young-woong topped the popularity vote at My One Pick.

The voting web service “MY1PICK” released the results of the voting from the 12th to the 25th. Lim Young-woong topped the list with an overwhelming 1,049,165 votes as a result of a vote on the theme of “Who is the most likely star to enjoy the summer vacation?”

Kim Ho-joong and Young-tak, who were nominated together, finished second and third, respectively. Lee Chan-won and Jang Min-ho were ranked fourth and fifth. Kim Hee-jae, Jeong Dong-won, Song Ga-in, DIA and Kang Daniel followed in sixth to tenth place.

Lim Young-woong, who won the first place every week in the My One Pick vote, once again realized his popularity by a huge margin of votes. Lim Young-woong also topped the list of stars who would look good in historical dramas.

Lim Young-woong’s popularity continues to be favorable in other charts. Recently, Lim Young-woong swept 218,983 votes, or 61.38 percent of the total 356,791 votes, in an Exciting Dish run by community portal site DC Inside and taste search company MyCelebrities.

In addition, Lim Young-woong ranked third on the social chart in the 29th week, which ran from the 11th to 17th on the Gaon Chart run by the Korea Music Content Association. Lim Young-woong is even more notable as he is listed in the top three alongside top global groups BTS and BLACKPINK. Lim Young-woong ranked first as a singer focusing on domestic activities.

Lim Young-woong, who has been making great achievements on various charts, is also active in communicating with fans. He is actively communicating with his fans through YouTube activities. His YouTube channel “Lim Young-woong” has 1.2 million subscribers. The channel surpassed 920 million views on the 21st. Considering that the channel had 920 million views on the 15th, it added 10 million views in six days.

Lim Young-woong Shorts, another channel on the official channel, also has more than 160,000 subscribers. Lim Young-woong Shorts is another fun to watch from Lim Young-woong’s official YouTube channel Lim Young-woong. As it is a short video of around 30 seconds, it presents small images such as Lim Young-woong’s filming site, practice, and right after the stage, giving him a little fun.

Lim Young-woong, who is actively communicating with fans through YouTube activities, is not only active in YouTube but also active in entertainment programs. He appeared on TV CHOSUN’s Call Center and “Ppongsoonga Academy” and is loved for his warm appearance and excellent singing skills.

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