“Gannibal” confirmed to be released on December 28th


“Gannibal” confirmed to be released on December 28th → Yagira Yuya “The more episodes, the more nervous I am.”


The Japanese psychological thriller “Gannibal” will be released on December 28 at Disney+ and Disney+ Hotstar.

At the “Disney Content Showcase” held on November 30, the trailer and the first release date of the original Disney+ Star “Gannibal” were announced. “Gannibal,” which was recently screened at the Tokyo International Film Festival, tells the story of Daigo Agawa, a new police officer who caused problems and returned to the fictional Japanese village of Kuge. Daigo promised a hopeful new start at Cooget, but faced with a series of shocking events, he realizes that there is a serious problem with the village and its people. Attention is focusing on whether the new police, who have been thrown into a tense hostile environment, will be able to realize the definition of the Kuge village before it is too late.

Based on Masaki Ninomiya’s popular manga series of the same name, “Gannival” is a work that has created a unique storyline as exclusive content for Disney+ and Disney+ hot stars with the participation of masters in the Japanese creative field. Teruhisa Yamamoto, the producer of this year’s Academy Award-winning film “Drive My Car,” participated in the joint production with Tatsuya Iwakura, and was directed by Shinjo Katayama of “Brothers and Sisters on the Cliff.” In addition, Takamasa Oe, who wrote the script for “Drive My Car,” was in charge of the adaptation.

Producer Teruhisa Yamamoto said, “Gannibal is a thriller that shocks the audience every episode,” adding, “But on the other hand, it is a human story that tells the difference between family values and culture, which is contradictory and empathetic.” “We will not only create Disney’s rich storytelling history with Japanese contents such as ‘Gannibal’, but also combine it with Japanese creativity to pioneer a new place for entertainment for everyone.”

Actress Yuya Yagira said, “It’s a psycho thriller. I feel nervous as I go on the rounds. Also, it’s a fun work where you can feel family love, so please look forward to it.”

Yuya Yagira, the winner of the Cannes Film Festival’s best actor award, has raised expectations for the upcoming series “Yuya Yagira,” “Hakusai,” “Asakusa Kid,” “Show Kasamatsu,” “Tokyo Vice,” “On the Day You and the World End,” and “Love Story,” which will soon be released.

Meanwhile, in addition to “Gannibal,” original Japanese content included in Disney’s expanded APAC content lineup was introduced at the “Disney Content Showcase.”

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