No Hong-chul, who decided to be free, let Holmes go

No Hong-chul

No Hong-chul, who decided to be free, let Holmes go.

No Hong-chul

Broadcaster Noh Hong-chul dropped out of MBC’s “Save Me Holmes.”

In “Save Me Homes,” which aired on the 24th, Noh Hong-chul, who reported the news of his departure, was depicted.

“I decided to become a freer person,” MC Kim Sook said on the same day. Noh Hong-chul said, “It was rewarding to find a home for viewers. I lost a lot of matches, but I lost until the day I left. “I have no regrets,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Deok team, including Noh Hong-cheol, Kim Yu-mi, and Lim Sung-bin, chose a house with high-end cork and competed with Jang Dong-min and U-Know Yunho of the Bok team. However, the client chose “What’s wrong with the apartment-type rooftop,” which combines the structure of the apartment and the advantages of the house, as the final sale.

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