Choi Si-eun fell in love with announcer eSports.


Choi Si-eun fell in love with announcer eSports.


I’ve interviewed many announcers before, but I’m the first person who likes e-sports this much. Since the early 2000s when he was at the Assem Megaweb Station in COEX, Samseong-dong, Seoul, he has been standing in line since dawn to watch the StarCraft: Bruidwar League. At that time, it was not a seat reservation system, so they lined up from dawn and entered the entrance with their names written in order.

The person who told the story is announcer Choi Si-eun, who is currently active in the Kart League and Rainbow Six. Announcer Choi Si-eun, who declared herself a freelancer after working for the Sport TV Games, is doing more work than when she was at the company. Announcer Choi Si-eun, who said she is happy to work in e-sports, expressed her desire to work in e-sports for a long time more than anyone else.

– I understand you’ve declared a freelancer. It’s not easy to be a freelancer in e-sports. 파워볼사이트

I’m worried about whether I can continue with the existing league or be chosen when I enter a new league, but it hasn’t been long since I started. I’m having fun.

– What do you do other than e-sports broadcasts?

I am focusing on e-sports now. Except for e-sports, the company is doing in-house broadcasting, presentations, and various events. I think my choice has expanded since I left the company.

– So why did you choose freelancer?

The company situation was also intertwined, but I wanted to do various things. I think the timing was right.

– I understand you graduated from Korea University. Why did you choose to be an announcer?

Originally, I had no idea at all at first. When I was a college student, I was a school ambassador. I happened to be asked to be a college basketball announcer. Some might have expected that Mike might have caught him because he is a goodwill ambassador. At that time, I grabbed my microphone for the first time, and I became interested in this job for the first time because I fell in love with the heat of the field, the passion of the players, and the sweaty sports environment.

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