I’m going to be an idol JAM JAM is obsessed with NU’EST


I’m going to be an idol JAM JAM is obsessed with NU’EST JIN’s dance Moon Hee Jun and Soyul’s DNA version


JAM JAM (Moon Hee-yul), the daughter of singer Moon Hee-joon and So-yul couple, reveals her idol talent to the fullest.

KBS2’s entertainment show “Walking Into Crazy” (hereinafter referred to as “Girl Crazy”), which will air on April 2, depicts the second day of the family trip to Guam by Moon Hee-joon and Moon Hye-ri. The theme of the family trip prepared by Moon Hee-joon on the second day of Guam is “Tour for Children.” Moon Hee-joon prepares the course with activities that children will love, from cultural experiences in Guam to dolphin tours and visits to amusement parks.

Meanwhile, Jamjam exudes the next-generation idol force that inherited the blood of Moon Hee-joon and So-yul. To explode idol instincts by dancing and singing at any time and place. When Newzins’ “OMG” and “Ditto” music play, Jamjam perfectly performs the Newzins cover dance on the spot as if his body reacts first, giving his mom and dad a laugh.

Jamjam has always expressed his dream of becoming an idol, saying, “I will become an idol better than my mom and dad.” As proof of this, Jamjam is rumored to show off his ending fairy-like visuals by sending an exciting smile and wink to the camera, and to steal the attention of viewers with the next generation of idol moments by exploding cute charms in Guam native costumes.

Park Na-rae, who was watching the VCR in the studio, says, “The children of idol parents are different as expected,” and Lee Yu-ri admires, saying, “There is a talent of mother and father.” However, Moon Hee-joon, who was listening to this, said, “Even if Jamjam becomes an idol, we will not be able to overcome it,” exploding the pride of the first-generation idol who dominated the era with a cute check toward his daughter Jamjam.

JAM JAM’s New Jins cover dance will air on KBS2’s “Walking Into Crazy” at 9:25 p.m. on April 2

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