Things that happen when you eat too much salt


Things that happen when you eat too much salt.


Health Effects of Too Much Salt Consumption

the physiological role of salt

– Salt intake and recommended amount

– Salt intake: Desperate or cruel

– Problems of excessive intake

– You can have it salty.

– Low sodium salt is rather dangerous

Salt is necessary for the body, but eating too much can cause many serious diseases and harm your health 비아그라판매

– High blood pressure: Fewer people eat high blood pressure, but those who eat more salt have more high blood pressure. People in northeastern Japan, including Japan’s Akida region, which consumes an average of 33 grams of salt per day, have a high blood pressure rate, with 30% of the population having high blood pressure. Also, if a high blood pressure patient reduces salt intake, the blood pressure drops. This trend is not an exception in our country. According to the 2001 National Health and Nutrition Survey, Koreans tend to have higher blood pressure as they consume more salt.

– Stroke: The higher the salt intake, the more stroke occurs and the higher the death rate from stroke. This effect of salt is separate from increased blood pressure. In other words, there are people who don’t increase their blood pressure even if they eat a lot of salt, and if they eat a lot of salt, the risk of stroke increases.

– stomach cancer: A study of 39,065 Japanese over 11 years was published in January 2004. According to the study, people who consume a lot of salt have twice as much risk of stomach cancer as those who do not. According to these studies, salted fish, pickles, or salt itself are known to cause stomach cancer. A high salt concentration of the food in the stomach destroys the protective layer of the stomach, causes inflammation, and widespread stomach relaxation and atrophy. This condition is thought to create a good environment for stomach cancer and make it easier for carcinogens to work.In the past, stomach cancer was very common not only in Korea and Japan but also in developed countries in Gumi. In the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, refrigerators became widespread in Europe and Japan from the 1920s and 1950s. As a result, the use of salt to preserve food is reduced and vegetables can be consumed throughout the year, making stomach cancer rare in advanced countries. In Korea, stomach cancer has begun to decrease, but it is not yet known how it is related to the widespread distribution of refrigerators.

– Nasopharyngeal cancer: The most relevant thing in eating habits is eating a lot of salted fish, especially in early childhood. Studies show that people who eat a lot of salted vegetables and pickles as well as salted fish are more likely to develop Coindu cancer.

– Osteoporosis: If you take too much salt, calcium escapes from the kidneys, so your body lacks calcium, which can lead to osteoporosis. This is more common in older people.

– Urinary stones: Too much salt drains calcium from the urine, so calcium is easy to make stones, which makes urinary stones more easily.

– Degradation of kidney function: A person who has normal kidneys has a tiny amount of protein in his urine. Proteinuria is a condition in which kidney function is deteriorated and a lot of protein is mixed into the urine. Proteinuria is more severe among people with poor kidney function who eat a lot of salt. If they reduce their salt intake, they can slow down the speed at which kidney failure occurs.

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