Harden Durant Irving, 89 points, BKN extended fight


Harden Durant Irving, 89 points, BKN extended fight, wins ATL, wins 3 times in a row.


Brooklyn defeated Atlanta to win three consecutive games.

The Brooklyn Nets won 132-128 in overtime against the Atlanta Hawks in the 2020-2021 NBA regular season at Atlanta State Farm Arena on the 28th (Korean time)  토토사이트

Brooklyn led Kevin Durant to a victory with 32 points and 5 rebounds. James Harden also scored 31 points and 15 assists double-double, while Kyrie Irving also posted 26 points and 7 assists, adding strength.

Atlanta struggled with Tray Young (28 points, 14 assists) and Cam Redish (24 points, 6 rebounds), but failed to prevent the team from losing.

Both teams were tight in the first half. Brooklyn scored through several routes, led by Harden, Durant and Irving. However, John Collins and DeAndre Hunter failed to take the lead and finished the first quarter 26-27.

In the second quarter, Harden made four three-point shots and struggled. However, he failed to turn the tables on Redish and Collins. In the second half of the quarter, Brooklyn, who succeeded in chasing Irving’s layup score and DeAndre Jordan’s dunk, finished the first half 55-55.

Brooklyn played the game calmly in the third quarter. Atlanta made a quick hit and scored under the net, but Brooklyn calmly focused on the chase with Irving’s goal. In a tense situation, Brooklyn rarely took the lead. In the second half of the quarter, Jeff Green’s dunk shot tried to spark the chase, but Brooklyn, who made a painful mistake, finished the third quarter with 83-87.

A fierce battle continued in the fourth quarter. Brooklyn focused on defense. He played the pressure sweatshirt defense and induced a series of mistakes to lead to a quick ball score. Brooklyn finally succeeded in turning the tables by using patterned attacks with Harden at the forefront.

Amid the reversal and reversal, Brooklyn released a bold one-on-one attack, but gave up the lead again after being hit by Kevin Hutter. But at the end of the quarter, Irving’s layup brought the game back to square one and went into extra time, 116–116.

Brooklyn widened the gap with Irving and Green alternately scoring in the extension. Although Young was allowed to play and play, Durant’s quick dunk drove the opponent’s pursuit away and came close to victory. Brooklyn ended a fierce battle when Harden made all free throws after Luwau-Carborough grabbed a dramatic offensive rebound with 4.6 seconds left.

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