They say that they know the owner of dogs is pregnant


They say that they know the owner of dogs is pregnant because of Kim Young-hee’s dog


Comedian Kim Young-hee shared her recent status with her dog during pregnancy.

On the 17th, Kim Young-hee said on her Instagram, “Four black haribo. These days, just looking at the golden circle is healing. It’s just funny. The puppies know that the owner is pregnant, but my kids… Why… It’s so hard to change directions while sleeping. If there is a little gap, I will pick up a pregnant woman’s pillow and listen to it, and I will be golden,” he posted several photos.

The released photo shows Kim Young-hee and her dog Hwang Geum-yi. Hwang Geum-yi is in Kim Young-hee’s arms like a baby, causing cuteness.

Kim Young-hee said, “I was surprised that Seung-yeol was always sleeping in his seat on the left, and there was a golden butt in front of my face a few days ago!!! These days, the owners of the children who want to stick to their bodies are the ones who keep sleeping when they wake up,” he said, explaining that he cherishes the dog and shows affection for it, creating a warmth.

Meanwhile, in January 2021, he married Yoon Seung-yeol, a former professional baseball player who is 10 years younger than him. In that year, he released an adult movie called “Parasite,” which is a parody of director Bong Joon-ho’s “Parasite,” and made his debut as an adult film director. In addition, she was congratulated by revealing the news of pregnancy.

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