Kim Dan-bi, a compensator of Samsung Life Insurance

Kim Dan-bi

Kim Dan-bi, a compensator of Samsung Life Insurance, has become a new turning point, making basketball more fun.

Kim Dan-bi

“From the perspective of the team that nominated me as a compensation player, I think they chose me because they needed me that much. Also, basketball became more fun because Samsung Life Insurance came. Samsung Life Insurance’s transfer is considered a new turning point in its basketball life.”

Kim Dan-bi (29, 175cm), who wore Samsung Life’s uniform as a compensator for Yang In-young, who moved to Bucheon Hana One-Q in the offseason, has played an average of 25 minutes and 1 second in 28 games, scoring 7.9 points, 5.2 rebounds and 1.0 assists, playing a role as a key main player. This is Kim Dan-bi, who clearly appealed her presence by scoring 29 career high points in the first game after the transfer 토토사이트

Kim Dan-bi said in a telephone conversation with the newspaper on the 23rd, “In the beginning of this season, I couldn’t show a good performance except for the first game, but as the middle of the season passed, my sister and younger siblings were hand-to-hand. “I think I was able to show basketball that I can play well in a state of mental stability because the club, including the coaching staff, helped me physically and physically in various ways,” he said.

When asked about Samsung Life’s team culture, he said, “It is autonomous. The relationship with the coaching staff, players, older sisters, and younger siblings is free without being suppressed. Rehabilitation facilities are really well equipped, and such things have a positive impact on basketball. “I’m also mentally relaxed.

Kim Dan-bi had a dizzying experience in a match against Shinhan Bank on January 31. He was injured when he collided with Han Chae-jin and fractured his nose. It was a more unfortunate injury because it was Kim Dan-bi, who showed good performance as a housekeeper while the main members such as Kim Han-byul, Park Ha-na, and Lee Ju-yeon were missing due to injuries. However, Kim returned to the court wearing a face mask after two games.

When asked about his injured nose, he said, “It was the first time I had a broken bone while playing basketball. So I was very surprised when I first got hurt. As of now, he has only set the bones that are not in line with his nose. The hospital said he had to operate on septum after the season because his nose was a little crooked, and he said, “After I got hurt once, it bothers me a little bit when I catch loose balls or fight rebounds, but I don’t care about it as much as I can and try to play the game as I am.”

It’s already been 10 years since her debut. He has a unique history of being named as a reward twice during his 10-year professional career. In 2017, he wore KEB Hana’s uniform as a compensator for Kim Jong-un (Woori Bank), and last year, he wore Samsung Life’s uniform as a compensator for Yang In-young (Hana One-Q). I don’t think he’s very pleasant. However, Kim Dan-bi was a positive-minded person.

“From the perspective of the team that nominated me as a reward player, I think they chose me because they needed me that much. Also, basketball became more fun because Samsung Life Insurance came. “I think of the transfer of Samsung Life as a new turning point in my basketball life,” he said from Samsung Life Insurance, adding that basketball has become more fun.

Looking back on the days of Woori Bank and Hana Bank, he continued, “When I first joined the professional team as a trainee, I was just one of the players in the corner of the bench who didn’t even know my name among people.” As everyone does, I made a lot of efforts in my own way. As a result, coach Wi Sung-woo gave me a chance to see if he liked it, and I think he was increasing the number of games. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that the basic framework of basketball that I am playing right now was built by coach Wi Sung-woo. “The coach who started playing basketball in elementary school and was probably the longest-serving coach in his professional career is Wi Sung-woo,” he said. “When I joined the professional team, I received a lot of mental instruction, including basic skills such as box-out, movement, and screen. At that time, he learned the basics well from coach Wi Sung-woo, so he was able to adapt to the new environment a little faster even after moving the team. “There were tough times at Hana Bank, but it was an opportunity for me to mature internally.

Meanwhile, Samsung Life Insurance, which advanced to the playoffs in the fourth place in the regular league, will have a best-of-three showdown with No. 1 Asan Woori Bank for a ticket to the championship match from the 27th. Coincidentally, Kim Dan-bi faces his own team, Woori Bank. Kim Dan-bi once enjoyed the joy of winning five times as a key rotation member during the Woori Bank dynasty. However, this is the first time to play a game from the playoffs.

He said, “This is the first time we’ve played since the playoffs because we only played championship games during Woori Bank.” Since it’s a big game, I think I should work harder. “Since there are many injured people such as Park Hana and Kim Hanbyeol, I have to take a step further and play a good role in my work,” he said. “It’s been a long time since I left Woori Bank.” In the past, they used to be conscious of each meeting because they were called their own team, but it has been a long time since they left Woori Bank. “The goal is to just do my part as a player belonging to Samsung Life Insurance rather than paying attention to that side,” he said.

Kim Dan-bi will be qualified for the FA after this season. Finally, he said, “I don’t think I should do particularly well in the run-up to the FA. I hope he will continue his steady appearance without major injuries until the end of the season. FA is to follow the result accordingly. I want to help the team do well in the upcoming playoffs rather than the FA.

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