Cousins who are not satisfied with Houston’s role is finally released


Cousins who are not satisfied with Houston’s role is finally released.


The Houston Rockets had no choice but to organize the squad.

Houston released “Boogie” DeMarcus Cousins (208 cm, 122.5 kg), according to Shams Carania of The Athletic 먹튀토토

Houston manager Steve Silas recently dismissed rumors of Houston’s release, but Houston was forced to break up with Cousins. Tim McMahon, a reporter for ESPN, announced that Cousins wanted more play time in Houston. As he had to back up Christian Wood when he stepped out of the bench, he seemed not satisfied.

Cousins played 20.2 minutes per game in 25 games this season, scoring 9.6 points (376.336.746) and 7.6 rebounds and 2.4 assists. He is having the most sluggish season since entering the NBA, and for the first time, his average score remains in the single digit. As the record shows, the success rate of the shot is not good, which is causing a sluggish time.

Considering that it is the first season since the injury, it should be considered as a breath-taking time. In addition to the cruciate ligament and Achilles rupture, the season immediately after serious injuries such as leg fractures is usually a time to find a sense of play, so it is often slowed down. Cousins is believed to be in the same stage. In addition, he did not have much time to play on the bench, but seemed to have complained about his role.

However, in terms of current performance, Cousins is likely to play as a backup center even if he goes to another team. There are many teams that are interested in Cousins, but they are all aimed at strengthening their under-goal power through the recruitment of Cousins. In other words, it is true that Cousins is difficult in many ways to play as a starting center this season.

He is expected to have about 25 minutes to play. If so, it should be considered difficult for Cousins to play for a team that is classified as a favorite to win. The story could change if the Brooklyn Nets took Cousins, but there are not many teams except Brooklyn that will allow Cousins to play for more than 20 minutes. If he insists on playing time, his options will inevitably decrease.

His performance outside of the record is not good at all. As it is the first season since the injury, he has yet to show proper performance. Competitiveness in physical fights is also greatly reduced, and the overall movement seems to be somewhat sluggish. It is also true that his weaknesses in defense have become more prominent than when he played for the Golden State Warriors.

In addition, it is not easy to make the ball melt into tactics because the attack requires a high frequency. It’s not a situation where he’s going to attack immediately with the ball, but it takes a lot of time. If they nest in Brooklyn, where the attackers are equipped, Cousins should not be able to play a role in the attack. Still, it is considered difficult for him to play as a starting player due to his current performance.

Nevertheless, interest in Cousins is hot. Contrary to what is known, the Los Angeles Lakers are not very interested, and the Lakers hope to recruit forwarders with other centers rather than Cousins. The Lakers recently secured an additional place in the squad by releasing Queen Cook, and are determined to strengthen their power by recruiting a forward with a semi-catch center and defense.

There is also a possibility that the Phoenix Suns will show interest. Phoenix recently released Damien Jones. Jones’ performance was not very good. If Cousins joins, he can definitely strengthen his inner power. However, it is difficult for Cousins to run for much of his time right now, with DeAndre Aighton in Phoenix as well. In sum, Cousins has to recognize his role and accept it.

Which team will Cousins play for? What was a bit disappointing in Houston is true, but the team that wants to strengthen under the goal is not enough to aim for. However, if Cousins wants to secure a main business trip or a lot of playing time, there is room for change. On the contrary, if you embrace Cousins, you can strengthen the inside, so it’s a pity to just pass it.

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