Flexen, it didn’t look like a fake. Why Seattle invested $5.1 billion?


Flexen, it didn’t look like a fake. Why Seattle invested $5.1 billion?


“It didn’t sound fake. Even if he came back to the Major League, it would be sustainable.”

The Seattle Mariners in the U.S. Major League held right-hander Chris Flexen (27) as soon as the stove league began. Flexen signed a two-year, $4.75 million contract with Seattle. If the club option is implemented in 2023, it will receive an additional $4 million, and the besting option is also at stake. If you throw more than 150 innings in 2022 or more than 300 innings throughout 2021-2022, the contract will be automatically executed in 2023 and in this case, you can receive up to $8 million 먹튀사이트

Seattle didn’t just invest a lot of money in Flexen. Seattle steadily collected data from Plexen’s promising New York Mets player to last year’s KBO League Doosan Bears. I was able to stamp it because I watched it for a long time and confirmed that it had grown beyond the figure seen in Korea.

ESPN Seattle, a radio station in Seattle, the U.S., announced on the 28th (Korean time) that “There are so many reasons why the starter Plexen attracted Seattle’s attention.” Seattle General Manager Jerry Deporto confirmed that Flexen’s pitching improved as he played in Korea. Depotto said Flexen’s fastball speed rose from 92 to 93 miles to 96 miles, and the slider improved enough to induce a false swing.

Another opportunity for Flexen was the delay in the opening of the Major League due to Corona 19. “When scouts stopped working due to the delay in the opening of the Major League due to Corona 19, the Korean and Japanese leagues began, so we used the broadcasting screen to do the list-up. “We were able to get more data from overseas players. One of the players who listed up like that was Flexen.

“Flexen was on Seattle’s radar even before he left for the KBO league. He was named to the Mets for round 14 in 2014 and made his big league debut in 2017. However, he did not get good results in the Major League, the Minor League, the starting pitcher and the bullpen for three seasons.

“Flexen couldn’t throw a strike in the Major League,” Hollander said. It was not an issue at all in the minor leagues. Time went by really fast. “I threw about 50 innings in the first year of the big league, threw about 20 more innings in the next two seasons and left for Korea.”

Flexen recorded 21 games, 8 wins, 116£ innings and 3.01 ERA in last year’s Doosan Bears. He left for nearly two months due to a fractured left foot, but his pace was good from the second half after returning from injury. In the postseason, he played two wins, one save, 28£ innings, and a 1.91 ERA in five games, leading the team to the runner-up in the Korean Series.

The media said, ‘Flexen’s performance has improved a lot in Korea. But Seattle confirmed more than it appeared. “We made a judgment by combining broadcasting data, reports from Korean scouts, and trackman data.”

Hollander said, “We’ve confirmed that some of Flexen’s repertoire has improved command and movement, but it doesn’t look fake. I thought I could maintain it even when I came to the Major League. Flexen’s fastball speed increased, and the curve and change-up were better, and the slider was already a good ball, but it looked like a cutter when the ball was lifted. “And I kept throwing strikes.

While Seattle watched Flexen with interest throughout the summer, it also confirmed that the pitching got better as the season progressed. The media said, “Although he briefly left the game when he was injured, he returned from injury and threw a much better ball when he was in the Mets. He threw more strikes, throwing more aggressively. Opportunities seem to have become a turning point in Korea,’ he said.

Depotto hopes that Flexen will continue his performance by steadily gaining opportunities as a starter when he returns to the Major League as he did when he played in Korea. Flexen will compete with young starters to strengthen the Seattle mound.

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