Park Jung-ah who shone in Tokyo looked like a sinner 5 years

Park Jung-ah

Park Jung-ah who shone in Tokyo looked like a sinner 5 years ago, but now I’m so proud.

Park Jung-ah

“Clutch Park,” Park Jung-ah (28, Korea Highway Corporation), who led the women’s volleyball semifinals at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, seemed to have mixed feelings as she recalled five years ago.

“I felt very different (after the Tokyo Olympics) because of my poor performance at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics,” he said. “I felt like a sinner at that time. No, I was a real sinner then. “But now that you like it so much, I feel proud and weird.”

Park Chung-ah, who had an interview with News 1 on the 23rd, was preparing for the 2021 Uijeongbu Dodram Cup Professional Volleyball Championship (KOVO Cup), which ended on the 23rd.

Park Chung-ah, who suffered from poor performance at the Rio Olympics, has since become stronger and showed her strong heart in Tokyo.

He added points to the match against Japan, which was a watershed moment in the group qualifying round, and helped advance to the semifinals by playing an active role in the match against Turkey in the quarterfinals. Even if the attack did not go well, he did not fear failure and kept hitting the spike and penetrated the opponent’s shield.

“I grew up a lot, including the strength to endure on the court and the strength to endure,” Park Jung-ah said. “It was possible because my sisters and brothers were together, not alone.”

Park Jung-ah, who had a short vacation for about a week after the Olympics, confessed that she was surprised by the changed status of women’s volleyball.

“There are definitely more people who recognize me when I go outside,” he said. “The number of SNS followers has increased dramatically. I was surprised to see the increase in tens of thousands of people on accounts that I don’t use very well. Every time I went somewhere, I said, “I enjoyed the Olympics.” “Thank you for telling me that I worked hard.”

Park Chung-ah, who suffered in Rio, overcame pain on her second Olympic stage and made a turning point. Looking back five years ago, he said, “It’s very unusual,” adding, “I was a sinner at the time, but now I feel strange that you like it so much.”

Park Chung-ah, who returned to her team for a short time, is sweating heavily for the Kobe Cup 안전놀이터

The Korea Expressway Corporation, which belongs to Group A, is in a group with GS Caltex and KGC Ginseng Corporation and will play its first game with the Korea Ginseng Corporation on the 24th. “The players practiced a lot while I was away,” Park Jung-ah said. “I think I prepared thoroughly because my performance in last year’s Cup tournament was not good (three losses eliminated).”

“It seems that the Olympics have already passed so quickly that I wonder when it was. “Now, I will show you a good performance in my team,” he said.

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