269.8 billion won rejected 2 home runs exploded and he’ll catch up


269.8 billion won rejected 2 home runs exploded and he’ll catch up with the team’s home run


Aaron Judge (30), who refused to sign a jackpot contract with the New York Yankees, is continuing his tremendous home run pace this season.

Jersey started as the Yankees’ No. 2 hitter and right fielder in the 2022 Major League Baseball home game against the Baltimore Orioles at Yankee Stadium in New York on the 24th (Korea Standard Time).

His bat shot fire from the first at-bat. Appearing after one out in the bottom of the first inning, he hit Baltimore starter Jordan Lyles’ body slider and hit a pre-emptive solo home run that easily crossed the left- It was Jersey’s 16th homer of the season.

Then in the third inning, Jersey, who struck out one tempo and continued to produce cannons again in the next at-bat. The Yankees, who were trailing 2-4, survived with Anthony Rizzo walking after one out in the bottom of the fifth inning. Then, Jersey hit Lyles’ slider again this time and drew a two-run arch that was stuck in the left stands. In a flash, the game was tied 4-4. It was Jersey’s fourth multi-home run of the season.

Jersey, who hit his 17th home run this season, is currently the No. 1 home run overall in the Major League. It is five different from 12 of the second-place groups Jordan Alvarez (Houston) and Mike Trout (Angels). At this pace, he can set a record comparable to his rookie season in 2017 (52 home runs in 155 games).

Jersey, which shows a tremendous home run pace, is now setting a record equivalent to the number of home runs on the team. According to MLB.com’s Mike Petriello, the Detroit Tigers, who currently have 21 home runs in the big leagues, are in last place. You may catch up with it soon.

Ahead of this season, Jersey rejected the Yankees’ offer of a seven-year, $213.5 million extension. Jersey, who will become an FA after the end of the 2022 season, will be able to aim for a big deal 파워볼사이트

However, despite Jersey’s performance with two hits, two home runs and three RBIs in three at-bats, the Yankees lost 4-6 on the same day. The Yankees became a losing pitcher after their trusted ace, Garrett Cole, allowed five runs even after striking out 11 in eight innings

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