HB Entertainment Cho Byung-kyu’s request for police investigation

Cho Byung-kyu's

HB Entertainment Cho Byung-kyu’s request for police investigation of malicious comments spreading false information

Cho Byung-kyu's

Actor Cho Byung-kyu also denied all allegations of “school violence.”

“We have officially requested a police investigation and we will no longer be held responsible for the spread of malicious rumors about the actor,” HB Entertainment, Cho Byung-kyu’s agency, said on the 17th. “We will not be responsible for any further investigation.”

“HB Entertainment will continue to respond more strongly to illegal activities that undermine the reputation of its actors (spreading false facts, writing malicious comments), and will do its best to protect the rights and interests of its actors,” he said.

Earlier on the afternoon of the 16th, an article titled “Victim of Cho Byung-kyu School Violence” was posted on the online community. The writer of the article said, “I went to the same school with Cho Byung-kyu in New Zealand,” and suggested badges as evidence. “When I search for Cho Byung-kyu’s school violence, I cover you and treat the victims as mythomania,” he said.

According to the writer, Cho Byung-kyu was assaulted by a school in New Zealand, where he went to study English. The writer claimed that he and other students surrounded him during lunchtime when he did not respond to Cho Byung-kyu’s remarks at the age of 16. “I was so angry that I went to a Korean international student management office and talked to the manager. So my parents knew and my homestay lady found out, and I called in Cho Byung-kyu to talk to him separately. The manager said, “If this happens again in the future, I will take action according to the school rules, so take care of yourself.”

The writer claimed that Cho Byung-kyu was a lewd comment and said, “I contacted the parents of those who attended the same grade as Cho Byung-kyu, so there are quite a few witnesses than I thought, and there is no particular concern about the charges.” In other words, I promise to take responsibility for all damages caused by Cho Byung-kyu. “Because it’s all true,” he said. “I just want you to live confidently without asking about your past.” “I just need one apology,” he said.

Cho Byung-kyu was also embroiled in allegations of school violence when he appeared on “Sky Castle,” which aired in 2018. At that time, attention is drawn to Cho Byung-kyu’s response to the “suspicion of school violence,” which was repeatedly refuted by saying, “It’s not true.”

Recently, Cho Byung-kyu challenged the main character with OCN’s ‘Amazing Rumor’ and succeeded in MBC’s ‘What do you do when you play?He joined KBS2’s “Comeback Home” one after another, drawing attention from the entertainment industry.

◇Exclusive of HB Entertainment’s official entrance.

Hello, I’m HB Entertainment CEO Na Byung-joon.

I’m officially positioning myself regarding the dissemination of malicious comments and false information to actor Cho Byung-kyu.

We inform you that we have officially requested a police investigation and have launched a related investigation into the case in order to hold the person responsible for the indiscriminate malicious comments and false information posted through the online community.

We will no longer stand by and take legal responsibility for any criminal acts that produce and spread malicious rumors about our actors, depending on the outcome of our future investigations, we will take legal responsibility without any leniency or agreement.

HB Entertainment will continue to respond more strongly to illegal activities that undermine the reputation of its actors (spreading false information and writing malicious comments), and will do our best to protect the rights and interests of its actors.

Thank you.

◇ Full text of online community of victims of school violence related to Cho Byung-kyu

I was 316 years old in middle school and it was 2011. You keep saying I’m 15 years old. I think I’m 15 years old. I didn’t know that so many people would be interested in it, so I wrote it roughly. I’ll try to correct it.

First of all, what I want to say is that I don’t know what benefits I can make by manipulating these writings. I found out that I became a celebrity for the first time on Kakao Talk.

The contents of that kakaotalk are the ones we shared after Sky Castle was aired. I went to WBHS the same year as Byungkyu.

I got a call from a friend who went to Westlake Boys High School (WBHS) with me at that time. It was probably at the time of Sky Castle. It says April 30th, 19.

Jo Byung Kyu became a celebrity? So what are you talking about? He’s become quite famous because he came out of Sky Castle. So I found out that the school violence story kept going around, but there was no concrete case, and the agency kept suing me for not doing it. I think I got it on my face.

Anyway, I said I wouldn’t care until then, but I’m writing this because I’ve been hearing so much about you lately. Aren’t your parents the one who called you and cursed at you as a group? She comes out often and it’s not just stressful.

The only final purpose of my writing is recognition of school violence and a sincere apology. You don’t have to fight. I just wanted you to apologize to the victims. At that time, I searched Cho Byung-kyu’s school violence Naver, but he covered you up and treated the victims as mythomaniacs. People. It was a pity. Anyway, I’m going to write my story now.

I went to New Zealand to study English by myself when I was 16 years old. When I first went there, I decided to spend a year. Let’s live hard. I wanted to try to get along with foreign friends more than Korean friends.

I went to school quietly for about a week. But one day, a kid I saw for the first time came in. That was Cho Byung Kyu. He said he was going to leave after class, but he talked to me. His pants were all curled up and his little dyed hair was far away from him. So I didn’t feel very good, so I just left without saying anything. But I guess it made me feel bad. I was eating alone at lunchtime because the schedule was twisted, and they told me to follow the two Korean kids who didn’t have a good impression. I didn’t even think about what it was. About 30 people? I think 3/4 of them were older than me.

Suddenly, he surrounded me and cursed me during lunch time. Numerous older brothers and various children were swearing and making faces, so I was very embarrassed and my school life was twisted.I thought it wouldn’t be easy. Why did I just ignore it because I did something wrong? I was angry that I should I be criticized like this? So I couldn’t even eat because I only got cursed at during lunch time.

I’m so angry. Korean international student management office? We went to the same place and talked with the manager. My parents knew about it. My homestay lady got to know me. I called Cho Byung Kyu separately and talked with me. But I told the person in charge of it without being rude and the manager told me that if this happens again, I’ll take care of it according to the school regulations. And the homestay owner heard about this from the manager and contacted his parents in Korea, and they sent it abroad alone, but he was very worried. I came to study. Why did I hear this curse? It’s just the beginning. How did you spend the rest of the year? It was a terrible day.

I always did something in the public restroom with my sister or girl in class. We’re talking about bleeding because it was our first time. If you don’t like it, you’ll curse at foreign teachers. I haven’t seen you talk about it in person. Don’t you blame them?

Anyway, I remember him as a dirty kid, but since he became a celebrity, his agency seemed to have stopped him and buried all the victims. I held it in because I knew that if I wanted to keep my manners, I would be called in and cursed again.

I’m writing down here. It’s not much compared to other people, but it’s sad that many victims were buried. First of all, I was on Yoo Jae-seok’s show because of his hypocrisy. I didn’t know that so many comments would come up in a second.

There are quite a few witnesses and I don’t really worry about the charges because I contacted all the evidence of the same grade, homestayers, and parents.

I just want you to live confidently without asking about your past. Byung Kyu, you can apologize. In conclusion, I didn’t use violence. There was only verbal abuse.

I’m fine, but the kids who got away from last year’s Sky Castle talk nonsense. It’s a pity that I was buried by Cho Byung-kyu’s agency with this vibe, so I think it’s a perfect time, so I think it’s the right time.

I hope the victims, who no longer argue, and who suffered worse than me, will post a message and reveal that this is not a vain fact.

You keep talking about the evidence, but where is the recording file? Would you be able to record while being assaulted at school? How would you feel if you were in the same situation?

I only told you the truth and I promise to take responsibility for all damages caused by Cho Byung-kyu. I think you should just keep an eye on me. Thank you all for your interest. I just hope that there will be fewer cases of such damage.

It’s my first time with Nate, and there are a lot of immature things, and I wrote what came to my mind for the first time. I’m sorry if I upset you after reading the article.

But I’m the one who suffered. Those who did not suffer direct damage may not know the dizzyingness of the time. Just thinking about that day makes me very dizzy. I am revising it again due to the controversy over the fabrication of Kakaotalk.

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