I ate the new bride’s minor and gained 3kg lucky guy


I ate the new bride’s minor and gained 3kg. Kim Taehyun is a lucky guy


Actor Jang Kwang’s daughter, mukbang creator and broadcaster Mija showed off her easy-going personality.

Mija recently appeared on tvN’s “Lining Restaurant” and went on a restaurant tour with Park Na-rae and the short-mouthed sun. In particular, Mija appeared wearing rubber band pants with determination and drew attention.

In this regard, Mija said on Instagram before the broadcast, “I became a food fighter with Narae and the short-mouthed sun,” and added, “I ate and ate and ate and ate and ate a lot.” I gained exactly 3kg after filming this,” he said, drawing attention.

In addition, Mija said, “After getting married, I work very actively on broadcasts.” “My husband must be a lucky charm.” She also expressed her gratitude for Kim Tae-hyun, saying, “I’m always thankful for my husband ♥.”

Meanwhile, the minor and Kim Tae-hyun married in April and drew attention.

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