Park Sungkwang Lee Sol doesn’t even sell it in Korea

Park Sungkwang

Park Sungkwang Lee Sol doesn’t even sell it in Korea It’s a great dress from M brand

Park Sungkwang

Lee Sol (34), wife of comedian Park Sung-kwang (41), showed off her beautiful beauty.

On the 15th, Lee So-sol posted a message on her Instagram, “V.V. Why does V automatically come out when I take pictures?” and posted photos and videos.

The released videos and photos showed Lee Sol in the car. Lee is staring at the camera with various facial expressions in her red seat belt. Large eyes such as white skin that glitters without blemishes, high nose bridge, and lake create admiration. His sharp jawline, like the V on his chin, catches the eye

On top of that, the dress of Italian luxury brand M, worn by Isol, is also eye-catching. The deep-cut neckline revealed beautiful collarbones and necklines, and solid right-angled shoulders thanks to sleeveless people. The dress cannot be found on Company M’s official Korean website. However, it is sold on Company M’s official U.S. website for $1,820, about 2.4 million won.

Lee Sol married Park Sung-kwang in 2020. They appeared on SBS’s “Same Dream 2 – You Are My Destiny” and revealed their newlywed life and were loved by many people

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