Bu-seon’s daughter I really hated Yi Ruan She’s a candidate


Bu-seon’s daughter I really hated Yi Ruan She’s a candidate for elimination after eating 3 million won cup noodles


Lee Ruan became a candidate for elimination due to his hatred.

In Channel A’s “Competition to Move in: Penthouse” (hereinafter referred to as “Penthouse”), which aired on the 26th, Yi Ruan was narrowed down to the first candidate to be eliminated.

On the same day, tenants talked about how to share “30 million won” equally. The occupants continued the conversation, revealing the specific amount. However, the problem is that Kim Bo-sung, the owner of the top-floor penthouse, who will be the first to win the prize money, did not hear about it.

An additional 30 million won began, and Kim Bo-sung collected 8.5 million won and sent the prize money down to the next floor. At a time when the promised equal distribution became impossible, Seo Exit was deeply troubled. Except for Kim Bo-sung, if he keeps the promised equal distribution, he can take 2.7 million won, but he didn’t have to keep his promise.

Seo, who was deeply troubled, took 2.7 million won, saying, “In order to distribute 8.5 million won equally from the missing prize money, someone has no choice but to not take it.”

Since then, a menu for tenants has been released. The menu included 300,000 won for water, 500,000 won for potatoes, 3 million won for cup noodles, and 10 million won for T-bone steak

At a time when everyone was dumbfounded by shocking prices, Kim Bo-sung ordered 500,000 won worth of potatoes and residents’ orders began. With everyone sensitive to hunger and high prices, Iruan paid 3 million won to order cup noodles.

Nancy Lang said, “I don’t want to eat 3 million won cup noodles. We agreed to keep the total prize money that someone will take as much as possible. It was rash,” he said.

This was because the amount of final prize money was excluded from individual expenditure. Cup noodles became the starting point, and Iruan lost his mind among the tenants. Since then, Seo Exit has formed a coalition of five people, excluding Yi Ruan and Yi Si-yoon

Since then, he has been looking for tenants and pushed Iruan as a candidate for elimination. Seo said, “Iruan is not convinced. You can’t swing in any direction. The iron wall is very high and no one enters the circle,” he said, citing his boundaries and iron walls.

Everyone agreed, but Chosun Ki expressed his intention, saying, “If there is a elimination today, I hope it will be Kim Bo-sung or Ji-sung.” I don’t know if it’s right to eliminate Yi Ruan from the beginning. Chosun Ki said, “We agreed to make Lee Lu-an the loser. It’s like I’m making an outcast to live.”

Since then, a dice game has begun to determine the owner of the new penthouse. It was a game where one or other occupants could be sent up or down the stairs depending on the number of people who came out. The union pushed the west exit, and the west exit had five compartments left to the destination.

Lee Si-yoon embarrassed Yi Ruan by writing 3 of the dice to Seo Exit. Lee Si-yoon said, “I’m sorry,” and lowered Yi Ruan to the starting line. Lee Si-yoon said, “The West Exit was at the top. I thought I should push the situation.”

Ji-Ban, a union of West Exit, pushed Nancy Lang with a die and didn’t win West Exit. With Nancy Lang rising a little higher and Seo Exit still, Kim Bo-sung threw the dice and 4 and -1 came out. Nancy Lang was greedy, “Oppa, please put me up.” However, Kim Bo-sung kept his loyalty and won the Seo Exit.

Seo, who was watching this, said, “I don’t feel trust in Nancy Lang’s sister. It feels like a business relationship.”

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