Due to the controversy over gaslighting the target actor’s


Due to the controversy over gaslighting the target actor’s position was revealed, and with insufficient speech


Actress Soyeon Kim explained about her husband Lee Sang-woo’s alleged “gaslighting.”

On the 7th, Soyeon Kim posted a long article, saying, “My husband takes care of and cares for my health the most than anyone else.”

He said, “For my health, I asked to develop my immunity with proper exercise rather than too early heating, and turn it on in early November.” I’ve been turning it on since November 2nd, my birthday, for fun. “Thanks to that, I’m staying healthier,” he said.

“In fact, my husband doesn’t like the warmness of the house, but I feel sorry that he is spending every fall and winter warmly because of me,” he said. “With my lack of speech, I lacked expression.” Last year’s birthday was such a fun memory… Thank you for your concern,” he concluded.

The Soyeon Kim, who appeared on tvN’s “You Quiz on the Block,” which aired on the 3rd, said, “I’m very cold, but I turned it on because my husband asked me to turn on the heating from November.”

A netizen said, “I’m very cold, but they kept preventing me from turning on the heating, and they allowed me to turn it on on my birthday in November… “It seems like a unhealthy relationship,” he said. Another netizen said, “The relationship that controls menstruation-related matters is problematic.”

In response, other Internet users refuted, saying, “You must do well in a marital relationship. Why are you talking to me?” and “Lee Sang-woo is originally a strange person.”

Meanwhile, Soyeon Kim, who appeared in the dramas “Sunpung Obstetrics and Gynecology,” “Everything about Eve,” “Iris” and “Prosecutor Princess,” received the grand prize for acting with SBS “Penthouse.” She married her colleague Lee Sang-woo in 2017

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