I’ll put it on my family register Dramatic reconciliation with Kim Yong-gun


I’ll put it on my family register Dramatic reconciliation with Kim Yong-gun’s lover A


Actor Kim Yong-gun (76) dramatically reconciled with his longtime lover A (37). The two resolved the misunderstanding through conversation and decided to do their best for the child to be born.

Kim Yong-gun and A met in secret somewhere in Seoul last week. It’s been about two months since the premarital pregnancy conflict. The two talked for an hour and a half, confirming their sincerity.

Kim Yong-gun apologized first. An aide (at the time) did not consider A’s feelings. “I only emphasized my position,” he said. “I took care of A’s wounds.” I asked for forgiveness for my rash words and actions.

It is said that Mr. A showed tears. “Mr. A didn’t want anything special,” said lawyer Sun Jong-moon. “I wanted a warm word,” he said. “We had a sincere conversation and resolved the misunderstanding.”

According to the Dispatch report, Kim Yong-gun decided to put the child on his family register. At the same time, it will actively support the birth and raising of A. I promised to fulfill my responsibilities as a father.

There was another reason why Kim Yong-gun hurried to meet. I decided to catch up on rumors about Mr. A as soon as possible. In fact, A suffered from malicious comments due to some distorted articles (and YouTubers).

Kim Yong-gun, a close aide to A, said, “The psychological stability of A is more important than anything else,” and extended his hand of apology so that he could concentrate on prenatal education. “I hope you can take away the malicious look.”

Kim Yong-gun and A ran into each other at a bar in Hongdae in 2008. The two have had a good relationship for 13 years. In March, the conflict between the two sides erupted when A was pregnant 부산출장마사지

Kim Yong-gun said, “I was worried about my 76-year-old age. “I was afraid that I would not be able to take responsibility until the end,” he said. “I forced an abortion without understanding A’s position.” “I regret my actions at the time,” he said.

A plans to stop taking legal action against Kim Yong-gun. “We had a sincere conversation with Kim Yong-gun,” lawyer Sun Jong-moon said. “We will drop the charges and focus on prenatal education,” he said, announcing the suturing of conflicts.

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