AOA with the worst ending FNC made good guys weird


AOA with the worst ending FNC made good guys weird


If the AOA case is a “fiction,” the genre is probably a mystery mystery thriller.

The characters are Kwon Min-ah, who claimed to be victims but lost public sentiment due to repeated trips, and Jimin, who retired from the entertainment industry, saying it was “my fault,” but reversed public opinion by releasing the dialogues. There is also FNC Entertainment, which is taking a wait-and-see stance in the past and now.

The “AOA harassment controversy” that broke out in July last year due to Kwon Min-ah’s revelation has continued for more than a year. Jimin, who was pointed out as the perpetrator, left the entertainment industry, but Kwon Min-ah mentioned Jimin whenever she could forget. In the beginning, everyone sided with Kwon Min-ah. The traces of depression and self-harm made Kwon Min-ah feel more pitiful, but as actions close to travel continued, she felt sudden fatigue.

At this exquisite time, a 128-minute transcript containing the stories of AOA members, including Kwon Min-ah, Jimin, and Choa, who left the team in 2017, was released. Kwon Min-ah unilaterally complained of damage, and Jimin did not remember, but repeatedly apologized. Choa actively mediated the conflict between the two.

With the release of the transcript, the situation between Kwon Min-ah and Jimin changed. Kwon Min-ah, a member of the nuisance who had a severe sense of damage, said harsh words and actions, but because she was a leader, she endured everything. It also played a part in the province’s excessive remarks, suspicions of wind, and lies after smoking in a hotel, turning sympathy for Kwon Min-ah into dislike.

Public opinion flowed in favor of Jimin. Articles from unknown sources of bowing their heads and witnesses that Seol-hyun and the photo exhibition were rushed to appear. In the online community, a past broadcast post has been updated that Jimin did well as a leader of AOA.

It’s a perfect timing to say it’s a coincidence. All records, from conversations unknown to Kwon Min-ah’s abusive language to Jimin and Kwon Min-ah’s text of “power trip” to the manager, point Kwon Min-ah guilty.

Some said that it was FNC’s media play with Jimin’s return in mind. Jimin announced his retirement, but he still belongs to FNC because he has not terminated his contract with his agency FNC. There were times when celebrities reversed their retirement, so it’s not a strange picture even if Jimin returns.

Due to the transcript, it became meaningless to divide the victim and the perpetrator in the relationship between Kwon Min-ah and Jimin. However, if there is a clear perpetrator in the AOA controversy, it is the agency FNC. I only turned to a murderous schedule, but I didn’t intend to care about the members personally. While the members’ conflicts were festering and rotting, there was no intervention. The growth of the tree, AOA, seems to have been removed only by inserting a straw.

This part is evident in the transcript. The members were all sensitive in their extreme schedules. Since I didn’t have time to take care of myself, I couldn’t afford to look into the minds of others. AOA somehow rolled on the outside, but emotionally devastated. Kwon Min-ah, who was particularly unstable, was hurt by Jimin’s indifferent words. There was a big gap due to repeated small conflicts, but FNC did not even have time to leave everything to leader Jimin and seal it.

All agencies are obligated to faithfully manage their celebrities so that they can engage in normal entertainment activities, and are responsible for helping them recover if physical and mental problems occur during their activities. However, the FNC was not obligated and responsible 부산출장마사지

A year ago and now, FNC has not made an official position because it is “concerned that Kwon Min-ah will go wrong.” I just play the obvious media. There is also a movie called “Good Guy, Bad Guy, and Strange Guy,” and the story of this conflict is only the character who became a “Weird Guy” with “Bad Guy” Even if the FNC coordinated the conflict smoothly from the beginning, did AOA and the two have the worst ending?

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