Overseas fans angry whether Korea is more important only when


Overseas fans angry whether Korea is more important only when Son Heung-min retires from the national team.


Tottenham Hotspur fans in the English Premier League (EPL) are pouring out anger toward the national team over Son Heung-min’s injury.

Online social media such as Reddit and Twitter even call for Son Heung-min’s retirement from the national team.

One netizen claimed on Reddit’s discussion page on Son Heung-min’s injury that “something needs to be done to reduce the number of national games.”

The netizen said, “The clubs spend tens of billions of dollars on player transfer fees and salaries. It is the clubs that generate most of the income in the soccer world, he said. “The clubs should be able to speak up more about the national competition.

On domestic and foreign soccer community bulletin boards, there were also claims that “Son Heung-min should also announce his retirement from the national team at a relatively early age like Park Ji-sung.”

Another Reddit user said, “Son Heung-min will definitely value Korea more than the club,” but added, “He cannot lower his loyalty to Tottenham.” “I hope Son Heung-min will be given time to recover,” he wrote.

There are also complaints about Tottenham’s way of sharing information with fans.

On the same post, a netizen commented, “I think it’s Tottenham’s unique way, but what I hate the most is the fact that the club doesn’t tell my fans anything.” He criticized, “The club always says ‘let’s watch’ or ‘we’ll review’ how severe the players’ injuries are and when they can return.”

Earlier, Santo coach Nunu Espirito said at a press conference on the 10th local time that Son Heung-min’s condition was “not good,” and consistently answered, “Let’s watch” or “wait” to reporters asking about the exact current situation.

Shortly after the press conference, British football media Football London Tottenham reporter Allasdair Gold publicly criticized Nunu’s interview method through a video.

“Every time I asked about a particular player, coach Nunu ignored the question and turned to an answer to the entire player,” he sighed, “It was very difficult to get an intuitive answer.”

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